Michaela Clark and Zack From Married At First Sight: Everything We Know

Married At First Sight’ asks the difficult question of whether a couple can survive a marriage without knowing anything about the other person. The show has relationship experts who use their experience to make pairs from a pool of singles who have never met each other. These couples are married off on their first meeting and sent on a honeymoon before settling down normally. Finally comes decision day, when both partners decide if they are willing to stay together or part ways.

With different lifestyles, habits, and cultures clashing between the married pairs, ‘MAFS’ makes for a thrilling watch to see which couple can stand the test of time. Michaela and Zack became a part of the ‘MAFS’ family in season 13. Ever since their announcement to be on the show, fans have been eager to know everything there is to about them. Well, we come bearing answers!

Everything We Know About Michaela Clark

Growing up in a close-knit Texan family, Michaela Clark has lived most of her life in Houston. Her family has always been a priority for the reality star, and she values her close ones above everything else. Even a tight and busy schedule has not kept Michaela away from spending time with them. Despite being so family-oriented, she describes herself as being a little difficult when things do not go her way. Michaela even mentioned how everyone has to be patient with her, and that is the same quality she is looking for in a life partner.

At 30 years of age, Michaela is working in the Greater Houston area as a realtor. She earned a B.S. in Communication Studies from the Sam Houston State University before looking for a career in entrepreneurship. For quite some time, Michaela put her focus on fundraising and development before realizing that her true calling lay in the field of real estate. She then applied for her realtor license, and since then, has never looked back. Michaela is highly professional at her job and has found great success in helping people find their new homes.

With her job requiring her to help newlyweds find a home, Michaela has felt dejected at not being married herself. In the past, she has had quite a few relationships, which unfortunately failed. Even though she is extremely private about her personal life, Michaela mentioned how her last relationship failed because it was a long-distance one, and neither wanted to move to the other’s place. However, she said that her past relationships have helped her grow as a person, and she is finally ready to commit to marriage. Michaela also mentioned how she wants her partner to be caring, protective, and fun-loving, and the experts decided that Zack is the perfect man for her.

Everything We Know About Zack

A native of Baton Rouge, Zack experienced a wonderful childhood growing up in a loving family. The bond he developed with his close ones is unmistakeably strong, and it is lovely to see Zack prioritize his family above everything else. Zack has also mentioned how his parents’ long and stable marriage has given him the perfect example of how strong and lasting love can be.

With Zack preferring to keep his life under wraps, the 27-year-old has not revealed what he does for a living. However, he said that he moved to Houston in hopes of settling down by the age of 25. Although Zack has had many relationships, unfortunately, none of them worked out. He mentioned how he felt like he was never in love in his past relationships but instead was infatuated with them all. Zack even talked about his habit of specifically looking for things he might detest in a partner, which seemingly led to most of his relationships breaking down.

Even though Zack describes himself as quite picky, he thinks the unconventional way of ‘MAFS’ will help him find his soulmate. His past relationships taught him that love should always stand over all other flaws, and Zack believes that he is finally ready to settle down and commit wholly to someone special. We wish both Zack and Michaela the very best and hope happiness never eludes them in the long run.

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