Michele “Sharpie” Sharp: Where is the DCC Audition Admin Now?

Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ transports us to the Lone Star State, where we follow the titular cheerleaders as they audition for the prestigious dancing team and navigate the pressures of expected perfection. As the aspirants and veterans arrived at the training camp, they were greeted by Michele “Sharpie” Sharp, the audition administrator who became a motherly figure to them over the stressful weekend of dismissals. Whenever one of the aspirants was cut from the final team by the director, Sharpie made sure that the tearful girl was not by herself as she left, supporting her in a vulnerable time. The Greg Whiteley-directed documentary then followed the final team of 36 on their NFL season, and we are left wanting to learn more about Sharpie.

Michele Sharp is a Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Like much of the cheerleading team’s management, Sharp was a part of the DCC in the 1980s. She danced as a member of the DCC Class of 1989 and became a two-year veteran. Kelli Finglass, the current director, was her senior by one year and formed a close bond with her. After her stint with the DCC, Sharp went on to work as a flight attendant with American Airlines in 1991. Her tenure with the airlines lasted a decade until 2001 when she seemed to take a break from her career and focus elsewhere.

Image Credit: Dallas Cowboys

The DCC second-year veteran completed her Bachelor of Science from the University of North Texas, and in 2009, she began working as a substitute teacher with the Northwest Independent School District of Fort Worth, Texas. In 2012, Sharp found herself back with the DCC, as her old squadmate, Finglass, called upon her skills for the administration of each year’s audition process. The alumni proved a great fit for the job, not only managing the process effectively but also serving as a much-needed compassionate member of the management.

Year on year, she became a core member of the cheerleaders’ emotional journey with the DCC, and many of them remember her long after their time on the squad. “Michele is a DCC alumna and the first line of defense in welcoming new and returning faces to DCC prep classes,” said DCC veteran Hannah Anderson in an interview. “She greets everyone with her infectious smile and radiant positivity. She helped ease my nerves. Whenever I had a question about paperwork, headshots, or absolutely anything, she was ready to give a helping hand.”

Sharpie Continues to Work as the DCC Auditions Administrator

The DCC alumni seems to have found her calling with her good work at the AT&T Stadium. She has already worked there for over twelve years and shows no signs of stopping. However, the job is only seasonal and doesn’t provide her with employment for the entire year. In her time off from the team, Sharp continues to work as a substitute teacher, another field of work that suits her caregiving nature.

She is also seen participating in personal events with the rest of the DCC management team and even attending some gatherings with the students. For instance, the admin celebrated DCC veteran Stephanie Michelle’s wedding in April 2024 with many of her colleagues and friends. It appears that Michele Sharp is fairly happy with her DCC work, which is complemented by her substitute teaching. Thus, she will likely continue to be a comforting presence for young aspirants and seasoned veterans alike.

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