Michelle Schwartz: Buying Beverly Hills Star is Married and Has Two Kids

As Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ has continued, it has allowed the world to get to know some new and old faces of The Agency. Consider Michelle Schwartz, who has been part of the company since its starting days and has ensured that her performance is always on the top. Though she made her debut in season 2 of the show, she has not received any less love than those who have been a part of the reality show from the very start. This has allowed her to amass many fans in a short span of time.

Michelle Schwartz Takes Pride in Her Mexican Roots

As it turns out, Michelle Schwartz actually grew up in Los Angeles, California, specifically the Beverly Hills area. Apart from being deeply impressed by the real estate industry from a very young age, Michelle has also found it important to be connected with her Mexican heritage. The reality TV star is fluent in Spanish and is ever eager to celebrate her culture and traditions in any way possible. The daughter of Mario Rosenberg also seems well-versed in Jewish roots and is quite close to her family, including her siblings.

In December 2022, Michelle’s mother passed away after battling cancer, a loss that the real estate agent continues to feel even today. “She was a presence- a one-of-a-kind energy that once you met, you never forgot. A force of sorts. If you ever let her, you know what I mean. I have always said I’m a fraction of her, a muted version,” Michelle shared while talking about her mother. “She was the definition of love, power, happiness. She showed us all what reinvention looks like, over and over. She knew early on that wealth was time and love, not money.”

Though she is now known for her work as a real estate agent, Michelle’s work prior to entering the industry is no less impressive. Having graduated from the University of Southern California, she worked hard in the marketing and public relations industry, which allowed her to lead her company successfully. During her time in this particular line of work, she has had the privilege of working alongside some well-known companies like Reebok, Disney, Bank of America, ESPN, etc.

It is not hard to guess that Michelle’s innate skills when it comes to working on various products and knowing what her customers want have helped her quickly rise as a real estate agent. In September 2011, she joined The Agency as one of its founding members. She took up the role of a Managing Partner and is currently working in areas like Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, and Studio City, all within Los Angeles.

Over the years, Michelle has accumulated a customer base that is quite appreciative of her skills. Guarding her leads like another dragon and being a strict enforcer of rules, the real estate agent’s presence in the Netflix series has been unlike anyone else, which the world has come to appreciate very much. Having entered the real estate industry in 2010, Michelle has impressed many with her work and remains determined to only climb higher in an efficient manner.

Michelle Schwartz is a Happily Married Mother of Two

Michelle Schwartz is quite happily married to her husband, Alon Schwartz. The couple got married in June 2008 and celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in June 2023. “15 years, and you continue to take my breath away. Happy anniversary! I love you,” Michelle wrote for the occasion. The two seem to be in as much love as ever and often enjoy being in the company of each other.

Together, Michelle and Alon have two sons whom they love very much. Their older son Ethan came into this world in February 2010, and Asher was born in September 2011. The two brothers are the light of Michelle’s life, and the reality TV star takes much pride and joy in each and every accomplishment of her kids. In fact, she often shares pictures of her happy family on social media, never missing a chance to share her joy with the world.

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