Zach Goldsmith: Is The Real Estate Agent Married? Does He Have Kids?

In Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills,’ the real estate skills of the members of The Agency certainly have been enough to dazzle many, though the viewers have also found themselves admiring their charming personalities. Though Zach Goldsmith may have emerged as a main cast member only in season 2 of the show, he has been easily able to garner many fans. While his passion for the professional side of his life is easy enough for the world to witness, his personal life is just as important for him.

Zach Goldsmith Has Been Associated with Real Estate From a Young Age

For Zach Goldsmith, real estate is something that has always been a huge part of life. Though born in London, England, he grew up primarily in Los Angeles, California, with his family members being heavily active in the area’s real estate industry. As such, he developed a keen eye for the details that one must be on the lookout for when dealing with properties in an area as in demand as Los Angeles. However, Zach’s initial life plans had not exactly been related to him becoming a real estate agent.

As it turns out, Zach had actually hoped to become a stand-up comedian while still starting his career. As such, he was looking for a job that would allow him to remain in Los Angeles and earn enough money to sustain a living. What started off as him following his mother as she sold properties soon led to him taking up an assistant role for her. Soon, his skills and confidence developed enough that Zach became an agent and then a partner for his mother’s business. However, he soon realized that he needed to make an independent mark in the real estate industry. He left his mother’s company and started working on his own.

Zach not only found a mentor in Jeff Hyland but also went on to work for Hilton & Hyland for many years, even serving as an Estates Director. Over the years, he has developed expertise in off-market properties and has made some memorable sales that have made him respected in the industry. Not only is Zach credited for the record-setting sale of the highest residential land deal in Los Angeles, but he is also associated with transactions of properties like Paul Allen’s The Enchanted Hill ($150 million) and Noah Walker’s Oak Pass House.

With 20 years of experience under his belt and a sales figure of well over a billion dollars, Zach is undoubtedly a huge asset for The Agency. That said, he has not let go of his sense of humor, as evidenced by the roast he undertook in the second season of the Netflix series. Additionally, he has a podcast called ‘To Live and Buy in Los Angeles,’ which he co-hosts alongside Ben Belack. The weekly episodes of the program are known for featuring big names from the industry, like Mauricio Umansky and Jason Oppenheim.

Zach Goldsmith is a Happy Husband and Father of Two

We are delighted to share that Zach Goldsmith is thriving in his personal life. The renowned realtor is quite happily married to Jennifer Hamilton-Goldsmith. As it turns out, Zach’s wife is an expert dancer who works as a Choreographer for BlocLA. She is also the director of The Floor Dance Academy, a company she created to teach others about the art that she is so passionate about. Though her husband has become a reality TV star in his own right, it seems like Jennifer prefers to lead a life away from the limelight.

Together, Zach and Jennifer are proud parents to two happy boys. Their older son Adler was born in March 2014 and had turned ten quite recently. Their family increased by one in May 2016 when they welcomed their son Miles into this world. Zach certainly misses no opportunity to spend as much time with his family as possible. Whether it is a fun breakfast or an adventurous vacation, the real estate agent never misses a chance to be with his children and tell them just how much he enjoys their company.

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