Miho Ninagawa: Where is the UFO Witness Now?

Among the various stories explored in Netflix’s ‘Encounters,’ the UFO sightings in Japan that took place in 2011 are discussed from a unique perspective. Hence, the words of Miho Ninagawa, a firm believer in the extraterrestrial, are something that makes viewers quite curious about her. In the documentary show, the Japanese woman talks about her thoughts when it comes to the supernatural and aliens, among many other things. If you are someone who was intrigued by Miho and are wondering about her current whereabouts, worry not because we have your back!

Who is Miho Ninagawa?

In the Netflix series, Miho Ninagawa introduces viewers to “light language,” or as some people call it, “space language.” She claims that she speaks the language by taking in the wavelengths she receives and then outputs them into sound. Apparently, the sounds can vary from being musical to verbal. According to Miko, this is one way how to contact aliens and space. She then added that she herself is an alien who has been to many stars and is now on earth to satisfy her curiosity as the planet is, as of writing, going through an “ascension.”

Miko described an incident when she was sleeping and lucid and was apparently approached by five aliens. Out of the five beings, she claimed that the one in the center was green and they were accompanied by luminous white beings. Miko stated that she had apparently been waiting for them for quite some time, and hence, she welcomed them by opening her hands and spreading her arms. She shared that she let go of everything at that moment and gave everything to the beings that had apparently approached.

Feeling like she had been reunited with a long-lost friend, Miko was apparently quite happy with the aliens. She then added that the green being beamed a light at her, specifically at the chakras in her palms, an action copied by his companions. Apparently, this allowed Miko to feel immense bliss. In the show, she shares how she thinks that the beings were actually light itself and had appeared to her in the form of aliens so that she could recognize them.

As for the disasters that struck Japan in 2011, Miho believes that aliens might have indeed intervened in the whole situation in order to prevent the devastation from being even more severe. She confessed that she herself was an alien and saw something so catastrophic happening that she would have certainly wanted to intervene and help. She believes that the aliens came at that time to ensure balance, and their actions were their way to show their love for humanity.

Where is Miho Ninagawa Now?

By profession, Miho Ninagawa is a drama teacher who is certainly open to discussing her belief about the extraterrestrial. That said, she does admit that she tries to minimize talking about aliens so as to not appear “crazier.” While she apparently does not mind anyone forming a negative opinion about her, she does think that this might also lead the message of the aliens to not be heard, which is something that she does not want.

Apart from being a drama teacher, Miho seemingly also teaches others about the light language. In the Netflix series, she is also seen conducting a session with similarly inclined people as she guides them through their memories of their apparent lives as aliens. While Miho’s claims might seem unbelievable to some, it is not something she minds very much, though she does seem quite passionate about the topic.

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