Mike and Denese Butler From Fix My Frankenhouse: All We Know About the Duo

Image Credit: Denese Butler/Instagram

Denese and Mike Butler make a compelling team n HGTV’s ‘Fix My Frankenhouse,’ as they complement each other perfectly. While Denese is an expert interior designer, Mike has years of experience as a builder under his belt. Likewise, the show follows the couple as they go around Boston, tackling houses that look like they have been hastily put together without much thought.

After meeting the homeowners, Denese and Mike put their brains together to come up with an incredible design as well as an interior plan that would bring the house straight into the 21st century. It honestly is fascinating to witness how an old and broken-down property can transform before our very eyes. Nevertheless, with Denese and Mike new to the reality TV scene, fans are quite eager to know more about them. Worry not because we come bearing answers!

Denese and Mike’s Lifelong Passion for Construction

Both Denese and Mike were born into families who have been involved in the construction business for several generations. Denese’s father, Peter Doyle, is a highly experienced master carpenter and contractor, and she grew up in an environment that encouraged one to get into the construction industry. Yet, she believed in charting her own path and even explained her decision during an interview with HGTV, wherein she said, “Growing up, I never really showed an interest in my dad’s construction world. I thought I would be a scientist when I was younger, but that didn’t work out.”

She added, “The one way my dad has influenced my journey is how hard he works, and that is something that has been instilled in me.” Hence, after high school, Denese pursued a course in fashion design and was determined to build a career in the same industry until interior design demanded her attention.

On the other hand, Mike’s father, John Butler, is also a renowned builder and carpenter who has an immense amount of experience under his belt. In fact, Mike mentioned that even his grandfather was involved in the construction industry, and their influence made him develop a passion for building from a young age. Moreover, since Mike grew up alongside three other siblings, the only time he felt really connected to his father was while helping him at a construction site. Hence, he has wonderful memories of working with his father as a child and claimed he always intended to earn a living as a builder.

Denese and Mike Butler’s Profession

After pursuing a course on fashion design while at University, Denese worked in the fashion industry for several years and even made a name for herself in the field. However, she soon sought to explore other opportunities and took up employment at a textile design company that primarily dealt with luxury products. While at the textile designing job, Denese began learning about fabric construction and even got a basic idea of interior design. Incidentally, interior design fascinated her, and Denese immediately knew she had to explore the subject further.

On the other hand, Mike Butler always looked forward to a career in construction as he studied technical drafting while in high school and even helped his father design homes during his university days. Interestingly, after graduating from college, Mike chose to take up several design-build projects, which helped him gain some much-needed experience. Moreover, he was also closely involved in an expansion job at Gillette Stadium.

Incidentally, readers will be interested to know that Denese and Mike became a team when renovating their own house in Jersey City, New Jersey. While Mike did most of the construction, Denese took over the responsibility of interior design as she wanted to explore the profession further. Thankfully, working on her own house made her fall in love with interior design, and Denese soon went on to establish her firm, The Perfect Vignette, through which she takes on both commercial and personal clients. We are also happy to report that Denese’s work has helped her get featured in several magazines, while Mike currently works as a full-time builder.

Denese and Mike Butler Are Happily Married

Readers will be glad to know that Denese and Mike Butler are happily married, and they even share three wonderful children, namely six-year-old Ellis, four-year-old Felix, and eighteen-month-old Luca. When talking about their first meeting, Denese even mentioned that she fell in love at first sight the moment she learned that, like her, Mike also had a background in construction. However, even though their backgrounds were not responsible for bringing them together,

Denese and Mike got to discover themselves when working together on their house in Jersey City. Moreover, to this day, Denese has been her husband’s most significant support when it comes to his profession, while Mike is incredibly encouraging and supportive of Denese’s interior design firm. Besides, the couple has currently built up a wonderful life surrounded by their children and families in Boston, Massachusetts, and we wish them the best for the years to come.

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