Will Mike and Ximena End Up Together on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days?

TLC’s reality show ‘90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ follows couples who are in an existing relationship online but haven’t met in person. The American halves in these relationships travel across the world to meet their partners to deepen their relationship and explore the prospects of marriage, leading the foreign partners to obtain a K-1 visa to settle in the US. The fifth season of the show depicts seven such relationships, including Mike and Ximena’s.

The 34-year old Mike is a resident of Thiells, a hamlet in New York State. Mike considers himself a regular guy who works in New York City and volunteers for the fire department. After spending almost all his life as a single man, Mike finally tried an international dating app in early 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. His attempts to find a partner bloomed when he got matched with Ximena from Colombia.

Ximena is a 24-year-old single mother who lives with her two sons in Pereira, a mountainous city in Colombia. Mike and Ximena, who can barely speak Spanish and English, respectively, started to nurture their relationship with the help of a translator app. When the travel restrictions were imposed due to the pandemic, the couple got to know each other better through the internet. Even though Mike’s plans to visit Colombia were put on hold, the predicament led them to the reality show. So, are you wondering what the future holds for the pair? Let’s take a look!

Will Mike and Ximena End Up Together?

The early period of Mike and Ximena’s relationship wasn’t a cakewalk for either of them. Along with the language barrier, the limitations imposed on them due to the pandemic made their relationship even more challenging. Moreover, the pangs of jealousy that are part and parcel of long-distance relationships took hold of the couple as well. Amidst all the ups and downs, Mike and Ximena steered their relationship forward. After joining the show, Mike fulfilled his year-long aspiration to meet Ximena.

Even after meeting Ximena, things weren’t easy for Mike. As someone who didn’t have substantial prior dating experience, Mike got terrified hearing Ximena’s dating history, which even involved a hitman. Furthermore, he had to listen to Ximena saying, “I care for you, but I don’t love you,” right to his face. An astounded Mike could only run away from her, saying, “I’m done. I thought it was real, it’s like a switch changed. My mind’s going crazy.”

During the course of Mike’s visit to Colombia, his patience was tested severely. On another occasion, he had to hear Ximena saying, “I’m not going to want to get married to you, I don’t want to live with you.” However, these incidents do not necessarily mean that they won’t end up together. As two individuals who have lived their whole life in two different cultural spheres, differences and challenges are expected. The time Mike spent with Ximena throughout his stay in Colombia may have helped the couple settle their differences.

More than anything, Mike’s willingness to welcome Ximena and her sons into his life is expected to have played a decisive role in their relationship. Even though Ximena’s initial reactions stunned Mike, his determination to start a family with the love of his life may have made him more understanding towards Ximena. That is what encouraged him to work things out with her. Therefore, we can hope that his genuineness to build a life with his lady love and her children may change Ximena’s mind. It may nudge her to finally think about marrying him and moving in with him.

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