Mike Hall From Rust Valley Restorers: Everything We Know

History Channel’s ‘Rust Valley Restorers‘ in now on Netflix as well. The Canadian reality TV series follows Mike Hall and his team – Rust Bros – as they hustle to restore old cars that have gone to junk. It’s gritty, quirky, and will entertain you to no end if you are into old cars and their restoration. Here is a rundown of everything we know about Mike Hall, the star of ‘Rust Valley Restorers‘.

Mike Hall: Where is He From?

The eccentric hippie is Canadian through and through, born and raised in Saint Boniface, Manitoba. Mike moved to Kamloops as a kid after his dad got a job with CP Rail. Mike first started his vintage car collection as a teenager and has amassed 400 odd cars in a span of 40 years.

The show ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ is set in the little town of Tappen in British Columbia. Tappen is where Mike owns about five acres of land near Shuswap Lake where he keeps all of his 400 vintage cars. Although not many details about the man are public knowledge, it is widely believed that Mike received all his education in Canada itself.

On the show, Mike has not talked much about his family but we do know that he lives with his wife and dog Minnie on a 26-acre farm. It is known that Mike’s wife does not share her husband’s crazy love of cars and has forbidden him from bringing any old cars onto their farm. That’s why Mike has to keep all of his collection in Tappen. Since Mike is not active on social media, there is no more information present about the identity of his wife or other kids apart from son Connor, who also is a part of the show’s main cast.

Mike Hall: Age and Profession

Mike is 64 years old in 2020. Before he went into restoring cars full-time, Mike owned a slope stabilization business, Chimera Springs Rock Works, which he summarizes as “hanging from cliffs and blowing shit up”, in typical Mike fashion. Apparently, Mike has made all his money in the construction business and most of it has gone into buying old junk cars.

Speaking of “hanging from cliffs”, this is not the first time Mike has been on reality tv. He has previously appeared as rock climber on the show ‘Highway Through Hell’ which features daring rescues of road accidents in the treacherous terrain of the British Columbia mountains. Hanging off cliffs and blowing stuff up is how Mike got his nickname – Rasta Blasta. And he likes the nickname. But cars are his obsession alone and he doesn’t want his wife or kids to deal with the Tappen property and all that sits on it after he is gone.

Mike Hall’s Net Worth

Mike knows that he cannot possibly restore all the cars he owns in this lifetime and age is starting to catch up with him. Therefore, the five-acres in Tappen (along with all the 400 cars) is up for sale for $1.45 million.


But until he can sell, Mike is making sure that he lives his dream to the fullest, even if he pays out of his own pockets most of the time. A recurring premise of the show and a common source of consternation for Mike’s business partners is his love of cars clouding his judgment, causing a serious lack of business acumen. Mike’s son Connor has said multiple times on the show that his father ends up putting too much money in a car project and then has trouble letting go when it’s time to make a sale. Even Mike’s best friend and second in command, Avery, hopes constantly that Mike doesn’t fall in love with the car they’re working to restore. More often than not, Mike ends up selling restored cars at a lower price than what he put into it, purely because he wants to make people’s dreams come true. Which brings us to the question what is Mike Hall’s net worth?

Even though Mike Hall may not be the best businessman, we know he is a great car collector. And had he not been so generous in his business dealings he would have amassed a fortune. Right now, the major part of his net worth comprises of the cars he owns. Apart from that, he must have also made a substantial amount of money from the cars he has sold over the years. Considering everything we estimate Mike Hall’s net worth to be close to $2 million.

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