Mind Your Manners’ Sara Jane Ho: All We Know About the TV Host

Image Credit: Sara Jane Ho/Instagram

‘Mind Your Manners’ is a Netflix reality show hosted by international etiquette coach Sara Jane Ho, as she helps people bring out their best selves. Focusing on etiquette and manners in social situations, she aims to transform the lives of students and give them the conviction to shine in any circumstance. From helping them dress appropriately for different occasions, teaching them table etiquette, and helping them learn new skills like archery, yoga, or horse riding, Sara treats every student uniquely to give them a wholesome experience.

In the show, Sara presents the viewers with a plethora of information related to etiquette and manners, which are not only useful for the students but also for anyone watching and learning from the show. As Sara Jane Ho gets more and more recognition for her journey on the show, her growing fanbase must inevitably be getting curious to know more about her. If you’re a similar eager fan, here’s what we found out!

Sara Jane Ho: Highlighting Her Chinese Ethnicity

Sara Jane Ho is a 36-year-old etiquette expert from Hong Kong, China. She belongs to a loving and supportive family comprising her parents and grandparents. Her mother worked as an executive in the world of music. Sadly, she reportedly passed away in 2007 at the age of 51 when Sara was just 21-years-old. The quintilingual Hong Kong native considered her fierce mother a role model and learned everything from her.

In an interview with Forbes, Sara reminisced about her mother, saying, “She was a typical Hong Kong mum, very demanding and very strict… She took me on business trips and to meet celebrities, and whenever she was on a conference call or in a dinner where serious things were being discussed, she would break down the conversation for me.”

Sara is also close to her father, whom she lovingly calls “Daddybear” and expresses her gratitude for supporting and believing in her dreams. He builds hospitals in China and donates them to the municipal government. Her father remarried after her mother’s demise. Now, Sara also has a good relationship with her stepmother. Her grandparents have a special place in Sara’s life. She often takes time out from her busy schedule to meet up with her grandma, spend time with her during festivals or simply hang out with her.

Sarah went to Peak School and German Swiss International School in Hong Kong, and Phillips Exeter Academy for her primary and secondary school education. She then studied English literature at Georgetown University and MBA from Harvard Business School in 2012. The next year, Sara also attended an intensive two-month course at a Swiss traditional finishing school, Institut Villa Pierrefeu, in Glion.

Sara Jane Ho’s Profession

Sara Jane Ho began her career by working as a Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst at the New York Investment Banks, Perella Weinberg Partners. After graduating from finishing school, Sara founded her first high-end etiquette school, Institute Sarita, in Beijing in 2013. Her courses ranged in price from about $3,200 to $16,000. It was first funded by her father but later gained the support of local business partners after its meteoric rise. As interest in her courses grew over time, Sara opened her second institute in Shanghai in 2015.

Sara received many accolades for her sudden rise in the business industry. Her name was included on the Forbes 2013 list of “Future Women in the Mix in Asia: 12 to Watch.” Additionally, in 2014, her etiquette school, Institute Sarita, was recognized as one of the “World’s Most Innovative 50 Companies” by Fast Company magazine. In 2015, she was included as one of the “Forbes 30 Under 30” and BBC 100 Women. The same year, she also became a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum.

Sara became an author in 2016 after she published her bestselling Chinese-language book ‘Finishing Touch: Good Manners for the Debutante.’ In 2019, she appeared as the host of ‘The Sara Show’ on Beijing Television and Tencent Video while also running ‘The Sara Jane Ho Show’ on her personal YouTube channel. Her entry into the OTT platform with ‘Mind Your Manners’ made her reach millions of audiences and is surely taking her to new professional heights.

Is Sara Jane Ho Dating Anyone?

Sara Jane Ho has divulged very little information to the public in terms of her personal or dating life. Moreover, as she manages numerous professional commitments simultaneously, she seems to be only focused on them to push her brand further. The 36-year-old enjoys the role of godmother to a godson and goddaughter and regularly takes time out to spend time with her grandmother and father.

Apart from that, Sara enjoys going out with her friends, who hail from all corners of the world. In her downtime, she loves to travel and explore locations that are exotic and rich in history, which she shares with the world through beautiful pictures and insightful captions. Thus, from what it looks like, the Chinese educator is single and content in life with her rising professional success. Hence, we only wish her more happiness and success in the future ahead.

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