Misty Carter Murder: Where is Jermaine Glover Now?

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘Night That Didn’t End: Night on the Parkway’ covers the tragic and brutal murder of 21-year-old Misty Carter in October 2009 in North Carolina. The police had to follow a lot of leads and gather relevant information before they could finally nail the perpetrator. The episode takes the viewers through the complex investigation process, laying down the facts concisely. If you want to learn the identity and the current whereabouts of the perpetrator, we’ve you covered. Let’s delve in then, shall we?

How Did Misty Carter Die?

Misty Lynn Carter was born in the late 1980s in Mountain Home, North Carolina, to Bill Carter and Tammy Rene Pace. She had two siblings, a brother named Joshua Pace and a sister named Crystal Branson. In the early hours of October 19, 2009, Gerald Knaus was driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway towards Mount Pisgah in North Carolina. Suddenly, he came upon a young woman’s body lying on the roadside. Except for the head being wrapped, the corpse was entirely naked and was still “smoldering” from being set on fire.

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The police arrived at the scene soon after to discover that the body belonged to Misty. As per reports, the “head was wrapped in a burnt cloth in a burnt plastic bag,” and gasoline was used to set the body on fire. The 21-year-old’s autopsy report stated that she had died from “a deep penetrating wound” to the left front of her head that extended from her eye to the scalp, causing fractures and brain injury. However, the most shocking discovery made by the medical examiner was that Misty was six weeks pregnant.

Who Killed Misty Carter?

The police started suspecting Misty’s boyfriend, Jermaine Deprie Glover, with whom she had been in a relationship and living together for several months by October 2009. Misty and Jermaine lived together in his trailer. However, their relationship was not proceeding smoothly, and they were reportedly not physically intimate of late and were dating other people. Their suspicion was confirmed when several witnesses stepped up to report what they had observed on the day of the murder as well as in its aftermath.

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Jermaine’s immediate neighbor, Roger Burns, woke up from sleep in the early hours of October 19 by the sounds of argument coming from Jermaine and Misty’s trailer. He heard the argument going on for 10-15 minutes before Misty made a “hollering sound” and it “got quiet.” He saw Jermaine driving away the trailer a few minutes later, followed by another vehicle. The next morning Roger was astonished to notice Jermaine’s truck dripping wet even when it had not rained the previous night.

A manager at American General Financial Services named Kelly Foster also came forward to state how Jermaine had repeatedly gone on, without any provocation, about how he could not have committed the murder. Kelly’s company financed the purchasing of the two vehicles owned by Jermaine. He also had a prosthetic leg, and his prosthetist, Shaun Dolen, testified that Jermaine walked with a limp after the night of the murder, even though he did not have it before that night.

But the most clinching pieces of evidence were Gerald identifying Jermaine as the driver of the truck that he had passed a few minutes before he discovered Misty’s body and blood stains found on the rental couch that Jermaine had returned on October 19, 2009. On the same day, surveillance footage showed him leaving a black trash bag in the dumpster of the Enmark station, which allegedly contained personal items belonging to him and the victim. Jermaine was arrested and indicted on the charges of first-degree murder on August 9, 2010.

Where is Jermaine Glover Today?

Jermaine Glover’s first trial was held on February 26, 2013, but was declared a mistrial after the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict. He was tried again on April 2013 and was convicted of second-degree murder. The prosecutors had tried to make the first-degree murder charge stick but were turned down by the jury. Jermaine was sentenced to 157-198 months in prison after taking into account the time he had already served.

Jermaine appealed against his sentence in 2013 and 2014 but was dismissed both times. According to official court records, he is presently incarcerated in a cell at the Greene Correctional Institution in Maury, North Carolina. The inmate records of the 49-year-old state that he is serving a total incarceration period of 16 years and 6 months, with his projected release being on August 31, 2023.

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