Mitchell and Sydney: Is the Farmer Wants a Wife Duo Still Together?

For Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera, it felt like love at first sight when they met on the second season of Fox’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife.’ From the moment they saw each other, they felt an instant connection. The show, which features four farmers meeting and interacting with a group of women to find their most suitable match, saw Mitchell as one of the farmers in its second season. Although Mitchell spent his time trying to get to know different women, it was Sydney with whom he had the most chemistry. However, whether that chemistry has sustained remains to be seen.

Mitchell and Sydney Felt a Connection at First Glance

In an interview, Mitchell Kolinsky shared that Sydney Errera immediately caught his eye when he was handed a deck of cards containing pictures and bios of about 45 different women. When he caught a glimpse of her just before the shoot of the first episode started, something about her captivated him. Sydney felt the same way. She mentioned that when all four farmers for the season were introduced, Mitchell stood out to her. She wanted to get to know him more, and learning that she would spend the next few weeks with him on his farm in Tennessee felt magical.

The time Mitchell and Sydney spent together during the season was quite fulfilling for both of them. They engaged in various farm activities, such as feeding the animals, planting crops, and maintaining the farm equipment. Sydney discovered that Mitchell was a first-generation farmer who had chosen this lifestyle for himself, which made her respect and understand him even more. They also bonded over their shared love for outdoor activities like hunting and playing sports. Their first date was a fishing trip, and they both had a lot of fun being away from the eyes of the other contestants, enjoying a peaceful and relaxing activity they both loved. This time together, she helped them connect deeper, fostering a sense of mutual respect and understanding.

It seemed an easy choice when it was time for Mitchell to decide between Sydney and Kait Smith. He mentioned that he had never met anyone who shared his interests so profoundly, and finding that connection with another person was beautiful. Additionally, he was impressed with how easily Sydney had interacted with his parents, making a positive impression on them. On the other hand, Sydney was quite nervous, admitting she was panicking and couldn’t sit still. However, when she heard Mitchell’s answer, everything felt right again, and her anxieties faded.

Mitchell and Sydney Are Still in Love

Mitchell and Sydney are still very much together and madly in love. They shared that as soon as the season wrapped up, they started spending a lot of time together. Based in New Jersey, Sydney spent much of her time with Mitchell at his farm. They decided to keep their relationship low-key because the episodes from the TV show had not aired yet, which was quite frustrating for them as Mitchell couldn’t take her to some of his favorite restaurants. In December 2023, Sydney even took Mitchell to a family wedding. Now, both of them plan to move in together, and the question of marriage is not off-limits for the couple either.

Mitchell is still working as a farmer and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is dedicated to his work, enjoys the outdoor life he has built and remains active. He is particularly fond of hunting and often shares snippets of his time pursuing this hobby in the wild. An entrepreneur as well, Mitchell founded Kolo Creations, a company specializing in outdoor renovations in the area, and he is also the owner of The Giving Vine LLC. He often gushes about his love for his two dogs, his loyal companions always by his side. Mitchell is a family man, surrounded by the love of his mother, Lisa Kolinsky, his three older brothers, and their children.

Sydney is working as a construction worker and is based in New Jersey. She enjoys outdoor activities and is particularly fond of fishing, often proudly posting pictures of her catches. In March 2024, she and Kait Smith visited Texas together, hinting at a budding friendship. Sydney has recently expanded her presence on digital platforms, promoting brands like Kittenish, ViVi Vitello, and Shop RocknRags. A fun fact about her is that she is the pet parent of two adorable sheep, Teddy and Tucker, who she plans to bring with her when she moves in with Mitchell.

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