Netflix’s Mo Season 2 Starts Filming in Houston Early Next Year

The filming of the second season of Netflix’s comedy series ‘Mo‘ is set to commence in Houston, Texas, early next year. The sophomore round will also be the show’s final season since it was conceived as a two-season drama.

Mo Amer, who plays the protagonist Mohammed “Mo” Najjar, created the show with Ramy Youssef loosely inspired by his personal experiences as a Palestinian refugee in Houston. Renowned for his Netflix comedy special, ‘Mo Amer: The Vagabond,’ and as a member of the comedy trio Allah Made Me Funny, Amer gained recognition for his two-season role as Mo in the Hulu sitcom ‘Ramy,’ alongside Youssef. Additionally, he features in the film ‘Black Adam.’

In addition to Amer, the cast also includes Farah Bsieso (Yusra Najjar), Omar Elba (Sameer Najjar), Teresa Ruiz (Maria), and Tobe Nwigwe (Nick). They are expected to feature in the second season alongside Michael Y. Kim (Chien), Lee Eddy (Lizzie Horowitz), and Cherien Dabis (Nadia Robinson).

The show’s first season follows Mo’s dismissal from a longstanding job due to his refugee status. After securing employment at a strip club, grappling with a growing dependency on lean, he engages in conflicts with immigration lawyers. Mo adeptly conceals these challenges from his household. Throughout the season’s entirety, he tries to avoid his deportation, only to inadvertently orchestrate the same. Hindered by the absence of citizenship, Mo faces the predicament of being unable to legally re-enter the United States. Consequently, he finds himself compelled to collaborate with coyotes to navigate his return across the border. In the sophomore round, Mo’s efforts to remain in the US may conclude with a resolution.

Earning widespread acclaim, the series stands out as a trailblazer, prominently featuring a Palestinian-American refugee as its protagonist — a notable first in American television. Garnering favorable reviews, this comedy-drama has secured accolades such as the Breakthrough Series award at the esteemed Gotham Independent Film Awards and a Peabody Award.

Houston served as the backdrop for acclaimed productions in the past year, including ‘Big George Foreman,’ ’80 for Brady,’ and ‘The Reading.’ The first season of the comedy-drama was also filmed in the city.

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