Money Heist Berlin: Are Cameron and Berlin Related? Is She His Daughter?


A heist is already a complicated task to undertake, and it becomes even more difficult if the crew members have connections that make them more than just colleagues. In Netflix’s ‘Berlin,’ the central character remains a trove of mysteries, even as the entire season is focused on shedding more light on him. Instead of giving the audience more answers about him, the show throws even more questions, some of which go completely unanswered by the final episode. One of those questions is the unexplained connection between Berlin and the newest member of his crew, Cameron. What’s their story? SPOILERS AHEAD

Berlin and Cameron Might Be Related by Blood

While planning an elaborate heist that has been a long time in the making, it is important to choose the crew members that you can trust. Usually, this means calling back the old crew, which is what Berlin does when he decides to rob the Vienot Auction House in Paris. But he makes a slight change in the end when he reveals that they’ll be joined by a new member, Cameron.


Cameron’s last-minute addition is a shock to the crew, as no one, apart from Berlin and Damian, knows her. They don’t even know what her specialty is. When Berlin introduces her to the audience, he doesn’t tell us much apart from the fact that she likes to live on the edge. Over the course of the season, it becomes clear that the connection between her and Berlin goes more than just being colleagues. She also has a deeper bond with Damian, which shows that there is a familial bond between her and Berlin, which is why she knows his frequent partner-in-crime so well.

For now, considering all aspects of the story, what feels like the most obvious answer is that Cameron is Berlin’s daughter. Berlin having children he didn’t know about until they were in their adulthood is not unheard of. We met Rafael in ‘Money Heist,’ and considering that Cameron, too, is barely in her 20s, it makes the age gap between them enough for her to be his daughter. It also explains why she is suddenly a part of the crew.

Berlin tells the group that she is more of an observer, like a thief learning the tricks of the trade. This means that she has not been a big part of a heist before this, which further explains her recklessness in some aspects, like when she keeps one of the jewels from the heist, which she and Roi later lose. She is also quite impulsive, much like Berlin, who gets so caught up in his obsessions that he endangers his own heist.

There are several other things about Cameron that feel like she’d have gotten from Berlin. For example, both of them get too hung up on their exes. At the beginning of the show, Berlin is tending to his heart broken after his third divorce. Later, when he falls for Camille, he becomes rather obsessive about it and oscillates between being hopelessly in love and cursing the day he meets her, depending on whom she’s chosen to be with at the moment. We see the seeds of the same obsession in Cameron, who is still hung up on her ex, Jimmy, and even went to a psychiatric institute because of it.


Another thing that points towards the fact that Berlin might be her father is how quick he is to warn Roi off her. The moment he sees them making eyes at each other, he tells Roi (not Cameron) to stay away from her, citing her mental illness as an excuse to ward away her potential suitor. Later, when Cameron (whose real name is not revealed, though it’s clear Berlin knows it) talks about her life with Jimmy, she mentions her father. She never names her father, but what’s curious is that she doesn’t say “my parents.” She doesn’t mention her mother, which means that the mother might not be in the picture. Most likely, the mother is dead, which is what probably helped her with the performance in the later episode where she, Roi, and Damian try to get the cops off their tails.

The way she talks about her father, one would assume that the father isn’t very attentive either. It takes Cameron burning down her house for him to realize that she is struggling. A present father would have been aware of his teenage daughter’s situation, especially if she was hanging around with a musician she’d become obsessed with. This absentee father thing fits Berlin, and perhaps it was his attempt to make amends and keep his daughter close enough to keep an eye on her that he brought her on the heist. He would also want her to join the family business, and this heist would be as good as any to get her in the game.

The show expertly dodges the mystery of the connection between Berlin and Cameron, but considering everything, the father-daughter thing seems to be the most obvious answer at this point. If not this, then she is the daughter of someone Berlin knows well and holds in high regard, which would be the only other reason for him to add her to the crew last minute.

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