Money Heist Berlin: Where is the Spanish Prequel Series Shot?

A prequel of the hit Spanish series ‘Money Heist,’ Netflix’s ‘Money Heist: Berlin,’ simply titled ‘Berlin,’ is a Spanish heist series that takes place before the events of the parent show, during the titular character’s golden days. With love and a million-dollar payday on his mind, Berlin assembles a gang of thieves to pull off one of the greatest heists ever planned by robbing 44 million Euros’ worth of jewels in a single night.

The masterful thieves with whom Berlin plans the heist are a cybersecurity mastermind named Keila, his close friend Damián, Cameron, a locksmith named Roi, and a master at gadgets and weaponry named Bruce. Together, they attempt to turn Berlin’s visions into reality. The crime drama series mostly unfolds in Paris, with a number of local landmarks filling the backdrops, making many of you eager to know all about the shooting locations of ‘Berlin.’

Money Heist: Berlin is Filmed in Paris and Madrid

‘Money Heist: Berlin’ is filmed in France and Spain, especially in Paris and Madrid. As per reports, the shooting for the inaugural iteration of the heist show got underway in early October 2022 and continued for various months, before getting wrapped up around late April 2023. Being one of the most ambitious series ever, ‘Berlin’ season 1 used 65 actors and 1,444 extras. So, allow us to navigate you through all the specific sites that make an appearance in the Netflix spin-off series!

Paris, France

Since a majority of the story unfolds in Paris, the production team decided to shoot most of the series on location, across the French capital. Reportedly, they took over Parisian streets and neighborhoods for about four weeks or so, during which they set up camp around Rue Foyatier and seemingly in La Belle Epoque at 36 Rue des Petits Champs. While the scenes involving Camille and Berlin taking romantic walks in the debut season were lensed in Montmartre, a 130m high hill, the portions of Berlin and his gang, as they spy on the Polignacs’ apartment opposite, were recorded in the housing of Rue Valentin Haüy.

The cast and crew members also utilized the premise of the Château d’Ormesson at 1 Avenue du Général de Gaulle in Ormesson-sur-Marne, which is a commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, to shoot the romantic getaway scenes of Berlin and Camille in the first season. As per the action coordinator, Carlos Nieto, the car race scene at a Paris aerodrome is one of the most challenging and complex stunt scenes that they shot for ‘Berlin’ season 1.

The scene involves a couple of Berlin gang members challenging two locals, where the girls were strapped into skis bolted onto the vehicles’ roofs. Reinforced and tied by four-way harnesses, the stunt women were also aided by a wind machine at the back of the car so that they could stand up at high speeds. Moreover, several popular landmarks across Paris can be spotted in the backdrop of numerous scenes, including the Eiffel Tower, walkways by the Seine River, Place de la Concorde, and the Arc de Triomphe.

Madrid, Spain

For the purpose of shooting, the filming unit of ‘Berlin’ also travels to the capital of Spain — Madrid. For instance, the exteriors of the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación at P.º de la Infanta Isabel, 1, in Madrid’s Retiro feature in various sequences. Some of the scenes based in Paris are also recorded in Madrid, including an auction house in Galerías Canilejas, near Puerta del Sol. The cast and crew seemingly traveled outside Madrid, to Cabo de Gata, where Cameron had gone on a trip with her ex-boyfriend in the past.

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