Money Heist Berlin: What Message Does Berlin Leave for Camille in the End?


In Netflix’s ‘Berlin,’ a daring heist is undertaken by the titular character and his eclectic crew of misfits. Before Berlin joined the Professor’s ambitious plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain, he carried out heists of his own. Though they were nowhere near in terms of the scale and the rewards compared to what the Professor had planned, Berlin’s prior heists still came with a lot of risk. But it was this thrill that Berlin sought. In between, he didn’t shy away from indulging his romantic impulses. His note at the end of the season shows that he won’t be reforming his ways anytime soon. SPOILERS AHEAD

Berlin’s Note to Camille Hints at Their Reunion


At first, Berlin appears to be a complicated character, to say the least. He is volatile and unpredictable, which makes it exceptionally hard to pinpoint his intentions. You never know what is going on in his mind, which is also what makes him a sort of wild card. However, all of this facade is stripped away when you get to know him, and it turns out that he is not that complex. The only rule that he seems to stick to is the fact that he never holds himself back. He hates and kills with just as much intensity as he loves and cares for, which is once again displayed at the end of this season with the note he leaves for Camille.

Berlin’s best-laid plans to steal millions of euros worth of jewels were threatened because he fell for the wife of the man he was supposed to rob. Ideally, he should never have let himself out in the open. He should have stuck to the plan and disappeared without a trace, just as it was planned. But then, he sees Camille, and she becomes the balm for his broken heart.

It doesn’t take much for the recently divorced (for the third time) Berlin to be completely obsessed with Camille. He believes that he has finally found the love of his life, entirely convinced that this time, it will last. He tells himself he is supposed to end up with Camille and does whatever it takes to break her marriage so that she’ll choose him. But of course, things don’t turn out as he’d imagined. Still, it does nothing to dampen his feelings for her.

In the end, when the heist is successful, and the furor has died down, Berlin and Camille reunite in Madrid, when she tracks him down to the Buenos Aires Cafe he’d previously mentioned to her. When she shows up, he isn’t surprised. In fact, he anticipated her arrival, which is why perhaps he went back to the cafe. He is also not surprised when she tries to extort money from him. He knows her every move, even before she makes it, and shows her how useless all her tricks are against him. He does this to show her that he is not obliged to give her the money, even though he still does.

What makes things more interesting is that with the money, he leaves her a note. It says, “June 23rd, Blue Moon Bar, Singapore, Je Taime.” Clearly, it’s an invitation on his part. He knew that despite the betrayal she might have felt from him, the feelings between them were always real. Neither he nor she made anything up. Even after the revelation of all the secrets, the spark was still there. It didn’t die down even when they were separated for months. His giving the time and address to Camille is his way of expressing hope that even as more months pass by, the feelings they have for each other will remain the same. The proof of it is the fact that he’ll be there at Blue Moon Bar in Singapore on June 23rd. The way Camille looks at the note, it feels like she’ll be there too.

For Berlin, the note represents hope, and for Camille, it is yet another declaration of his love, which he claims was never anything less. It wasn’t infatuation (as claimed by his crew members), nor was it deceit (as believed by Camille). For Berlin, even if it happens for one day, love is love, and it’s the same intense love that he’d have for someone he’s loved for years. Just because they’d known each other for a short interval doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. At one point, Berlin says something along those lines to Damian, and he wholeheartedly means it. This is why he gives that note to Camille. Rest assured, he intends to show up for their date on June 23rd.

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