Here Are All the Filming Locations of ‘Money Heist’

Money Heist’ follows the elaborate heists masterminded by a man who calls himself the Professor. He brings together a team of people who follow his lead to turn impossible heist ideas into reality. To tell its story, the show has to rely on the grandeur of the sets and the locations that become an integral part of its storytelling. While the heists take place in Spain, the effects of it are felt all over the world, which means the story moves out of the continent. Here are all the locations where ‘Money Heist’ has been filmed.

Where was Money Heist Filmed?

To create a series as big as ‘Money Heist’, the production went big too. With the involvement of Netflix, the investment increased and hence, the series became more lavish. Over the course of the season, more than 50 sets all over the world have been employed to film the scenes for the series. The primary filming location for the show is Madrid, but the story also took the team to the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

Madrid, Spain

A good part of the series takes place inside the locations of the heist, and for that, the production of ‘Money Heist’ set camp in Madrid. The first heist focuses on the Royal Mint of Spain. The exteriors for it were filmed at the Spanish National Research Council headquarters. The roof of the Higher Technical School of Aeronautical Engineers and parts of the Technical University of Madrid were also employed for various scenes.

For filming the interiors, the sets in Colmenar Viejo were used. The scenes where the printing press is used to print money were filmed at the Spanish national daily newspaper ABC in Torrejón de Ardoz. The Professor and his team set base in the Toledo, staying there for months, going over the plans. The Finca El Gasco farm estate in Torrelodones served as the hunting estate.

The second heist focuses on the Bank of Spain. For security reasons, the filming did not take place there. In fact, the team wasn’t even allowed to visit the premises, so they had to re-create it owing to their imagination and the information available for the public. Inspired by the architecture of Francisco Franco, they created the stages resembling the bank. Ageing the building, creating the sculptures, adding the paintings- all these things were meticulously done. The exterior was filmed at the Ministry of Development complex. The sets were created in Tres Cantos, under the production of Netflix.

The scene for D-Day, where the money is rained down from the sky was filmed at Callao Square. The skyscrapers visible in the scene are the Four Towers. The scenes for the Italian monastery, where they plan the heist, were filmed at Ermita de San Frutos in Carrascal del Río.

Florence, Italy

Remembering his meetings with Berlin in flashbacks leads the Professor to the time they spent in Florence. The filming for these scenes took place in the Florentine locations like the Cathedral Square and Michelangelo Square.


Everyone is sent to a different part of the world at the end of the second season. At the beginning of the third, we find Rio and Tokyo spending their days on the beaches of the Caribbean. The filming for these scenes took place in the Guna Yala Islands in Panama. San Blas Islands and Isla Pelicano are the destinations you might want to turn to as well.

Palawan and Thailand

At the end of the second season, Raquel follows the Professor to Palawan. The scenes for it were filmed in real locations. However, at the beginning of the third season, the location changed. The filming for these scenes took place in Thailand. The place where Tokyo reunites with the Professor is the Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand.

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