Monique Allen: The Botched Star is Now an Actor

Monique Allen showcased her challenging journey on the first season of ‘Botched,’ an impactful reality TV series that documents the work of renowned California plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif as they assist individuals dealing with failed plastic surgeries. It delves into the emotional and psychological impact of botched procedures that often leave patients self-conscious and ashamed. Monique Allen’s story amassed the attention of many, who must be curious about her current whereabouts.

Monique Allen’s Botched Journey

Monique’s journey began in a unique manner. She grew up in a Catholic all-boys school and was even an altar boy. When she turned 18, she revealed her desire to undergo a sex reassignment surgery to her parents. This decision didn’t come as a surprise to her family, as she had consistently displayed typically feminine behavior throughout her life. Monique continued her education for a bright future. She studied law and started her career as a correctional case record analyst. However, she felt the need to tone down her personality in a professional setting. To express herself more freely, Monique began frequenting clubs, which ultimately led to her being noticed by a record producer.

The opportunity resulted in her featuring in a few music videos. Before appearing on the show, Monique had already undergone a multitude of plastic surgeries. Her extensive list of procedures included a facelift, a brow lift, multiple nose jobs, eight breast surgeries, cheek augmentation, and even the injection of liquid silicone into her buttocks and stomach. In her own words, she had approximately a gallon of silicone injected into her body. However, as she was preparing for a large-scale music video shoot, Monique became increasingly conscious of her pixie ears, a side effect of her facelift surgery. This concern led her to seek the expertise of Dr. Terry and Dr. Paul.

During their evaluation, the doctors also observed the disfigurement in her stomach area, which was caused by her previous surgeries and silicone injections. Monique found support and motivation from her close friends and peers, which encouraged her to move forward with her surgeries. Dr. Terry focused on performing a tummy tuck to address the issues caused by the silicone injections, while Dr. Paul worked on correcting her pixie ears. During the surgery, Dr. Terry was surprised to discover the extent of the silicone accumulation in her stomach. Despite this challenge, they completed the procedures, and Monique recovered quickly, just in time for her music video shoot.

Where is Monique Allen Now?

A few years after her appearance on the show, Monique began speaking openly about her struggles with addiction to plastic surgery and how it had negatively impacted her life. In an interview with The Punch, she said, “I went in at the deep end with cosmetic surgery and I’ve ruined the natural good looks I had – I wish I had never done it.” She admitted that she was obsessed with surgery and used illegal and underground means to reach a doctor who would do it for her. Most of the results ended badly for her. Monique added, “Even now, I would like another nose job but doctors turn me away, but I understand why.”

Taking her own experience and journey into consideration, Monique wants to warn the young girls and women who are opting for surgery without deeply understanding the ramifications and the long-term effects it carries. She said, “Silicon was never meant to be put in the body in such large doses as is common now. I’ve heard of ‘pumping parties’ where people go to have vast amounts of silicon injected into their bodies. I want young women to look at me before they think about getting unnecessary and dangerous cosmetic work done.”

Now based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Monique has not only pursued a thriving modeling career but has also made her presence felt at events like DragCon in 2018. Her larger-than-life personality and bold public demeanor have garnered her significant recognition and respect. Monique continues to grace music videos with her captivating presence. Additionally, her upcoming YouTube series, ‘Just The Tip Show,’ showcases her diverse talents, and she is set to shine as Diamond in the action-packed crime-comedy film ‘Downtown.’ While Monique has experienced marriage twice, she is currently relishing a single life, surrounded by her loved ones.

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