Morgan and Lena Franklin From Amazing Race: All We Know About the Sibling Duo

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

‘The Amazing Race,’ known for its globetrotting adventures and intense challenges, is back with its 35th season. A group of 13 diverse teams is prepared to embark on an exhilarating journey across the globe with the hope of securing the coveted $1 million prize. Morgan Franklin and Lena Franklin, one of the teams competing in season 35, are two sisters whose resilience and skills are put to the test in this thrilling competition.

Morgan and Lena’s journey on season 35 of ‘The Amazing Race‘ showcases the power of familial connections and the strength of a sisterly bond. As they compete together in different countries, the audience can expect to witness a dynamic partnership built on love, trust, and a shared desire to conquer challenges. Let’s hear the stories of these sisters and learn more about their journeys.

Morgan and Lena Franklin Were Brought Up in Palm Beach County

Morgan Franklin, 31, and her younger sister, Lena Franklin, 29, have a unique bond that stems from their upbringing in Palm Beach County, specifically in the charming locale of West Boca Raton. Their parents, Rochelle Franklin and Patrick Franklin, ensured to fuel their passions at a young age and encouraged them to participate in Little League, play instruments, and more. They also have a younger brother, but his name isn’t known to the public.

Morgan graduated from Atlantic Community High School’s IB Program, showcasing her early dedication to education. She later went on to excel academically and professionally, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History from Vanderbilt University in 2014. Subsequently, in 2021, Morgan achieved a significant milestone by graduating from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a business degree.

On the other hand, Lena’s educational journey led her to Alexander Dreyfoos High School of the Arts, where she developed a passion for creativity and artistry. She continued her academic pursuits at Tulane University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Consultation with a remarkable 3.89 GPA in 2016. Her involvement in the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity during her time at Tulane speaks to her dedication and leadership abilities.

Currently, Morgan is living in Brooklyn, New York, and Lena is in Los Angeles, California. Lena admires her sister’s lightning-fast problem-solving abilities, which never fail to amaze her. Whether it’s deciphering a complex math problem or navigating a perplexing cooking recipe, Morgan’s knack for swift solutions shines through. On the flip side, Morgan acknowledges her sister Lena’s exceptional skill in reading people, peering beyond the surface to understand the essence of who they truly are.

Both sisters credit their success to their educational background and the support of their parents, as well as the educators in Palm Beach County. Their upbringing in the public school system instilled in them the values of teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. As they embark on ‘The Amazing Race,’ these skills will undoubtedly serve them well in navigating the challenges ahead.

Morgan and Lena Franklin Are Professional Marketing Executives

Morgan and Lena are both accomplished marketing executives with impressive resumes. Morgan’s journey in the corporate world has been characterized by dedication and ambition. Her career path has been illustrious, starting with a role as a Hybrid Account Coordinator at Turner Sports in 2015. Later, she joined Anheuser-Busch InBev, where she served as the Global Manager of Planning, Innovation, and Occasions.

In addition to her corporate accomplishments, Morgan founded the blog “MBA: The Blog” in August 2019, offering insights into her MBA journey, including its ups and downs. Her role as the Global Manager of Planning, Innovation, and Occasions at Anheuser-Busch InBev showcases her ability to handle significant responsibilities and make strategic decisions. Lena’s career in the music industry has been equally remarkable. Starting as a College Marketing Representative at Sony Music Entertainment, she quickly rose through the ranks to become a Marketing Manager at Interscope Records.

Lena’s journey culminated in her appointment as the Vice President of Marketing for Def Jam Recordings in July 2021. Lena’s accomplishments highlight her expertise in marketing and her ability to thrive in a competitive and dynamic industry. As marketing executives, Morgan and Lena have honed their skills in communication, strategy, and creativity—attributes that will undoubtedly be put to the test as they navigate the challenges of season 35 of ‘The Amazing Race.’

Morgan and Lena Franklin’s Dating Life is a Mystery

Morgan and Lena haven’t disclosed the details of their dating life to the public. What we do know for sure is that they have a strong sisterly bond that has been cultivated throughout their lives. Their relationship is built on trust, mutual support, and a shared passion for adventure. While they may bicker from time to time, their sibling dynamic is characterized by teamwork and positivity.

Morgan and Lena Franklin bring a wealth of life experiences, educational achievements, and professional expertise to season 35 of ‘The Amazing Race.’ Their journey as marketing executives reflects their ability to navigate the complexities of the business world, while their upbringing in Palm Beach County has instilled in them the values of teamwork and resilience. As they embark on this global adventure, viewers will have the opportunity to witness the remarkable journey of two sisters who share an unbreakable bond. Whether or not they secure the $1 million prize, Morgan and Lena’s story displays the strength of family and the pursuit of dreams.

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