Greg and John Franklin From Amazing Race: All We Know About The Duo

Image Credit: Gregory Franklin/Instagram

Navigating confusing routes and overcoming language barriers, CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race’ features thirteen teams who compete in a series of grueling challenges to win the coveted prize. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, the reality television show chronicles the journey of the participants across the globe. As the team members try to overcome personal issues and push their mental and physical boundaries, several intense themes emerge.

The show has continued to garner acclaim since its inception in 2001. Likewise, the 35th iteration of the show also features several go-getters. Greg and John Franklin are two people who have made fans curious. So, if you’re also wondering more about them, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Greg and John Franklin, the Brothers With Varied Interests

Hailing from New York City, Greg and John had amassed a plethora of experiences as young children. While the 25-year-old Greg and 27-year-old John had varied interests, the two brothers have always been enthralled by traveling. Growing up, the duo didn’t just share a bunk bed but also a deep bond with their parents and younger sister, Ashley. After graduating from the Whitney Young Magnet High School, the duo embarked on different routes.

While Greg earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Amherst College, John decided to complete his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Engineering, and Music Composition at Northwestern University. Consequently, the two brothers diverged to find their professional feats.

Greg and John Franklin’s Professional Journey

Shortly after graduating from their respective institutions, Greg and John decided to kickstart their careers. Having received ample experience as a Google CodeU intern and a Cyber Security Intern at Deloitte, Greg found himself enthralled by analysis and technology. Subsequently, he held his first stint with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago as an Information Technology Security Analyst. After a two-year tenure with the organization, he moved back to New York and started working with Deloitte as a Cyber Security Analyst. Earlier this year, he joined hands with the team at C3 AI as an Associate Solutions Engineer.

With expertise in artificial intelligence, software, and development, the television personality continues to challenge himself exponentially. Likewise, John also found his abilities in technology and intelligence. Having earned the right credentials, he began gaining experience as an intern as a Software Engineering intern. Over the course of time, John perfected his skills in the industry by working with Google and Twitter. Later, he joined hands with Google as a Software Engineer and has since climbed the ranks to become a Product Manager in the team. Besides this, John is also a budding musician.

Greg and John Franklin Are Thriving in Their Dating Life

Hoping to scale several obstacles, Greg and John have consistently mapped the road to success. Besides their personal and professional feats, the brothers are also avid travelers. Naturally, they also share these interests with their romantic partners. John is currently in a relationship with Celeste Witting. Based in California, John and Celeste like to explore just as much, and have jetted off to Thailand and China in the past. The couple has been together since 2018. Similarly, Greg also likes to embark on new adventures with his girlfriend, Ann. The duo have known each other since adolescence and decided to take things to the next level in 2021. They are now based in New York.

With an inquisitive mind that does not relent in the face of hardships, Greg and John possess the right skill set to solve puzzles and navigate directions. Naturally, their penchant for problem-solving, juxtaposed with their love for traveling, has allowed them to compete on ‘The Amazing Race.’ Besides this, the two adventurers continue to look forward to invaluable experiences that they can generate when they are on the road.

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