Mother of the Bride: Are Daisy Saint Daisy and Klaus von Klaus Real Designers?

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Mother of the Bride’ is a romantic comedy that brings a twist to the wedding-themed drama by putting the bride and groom’s parents in a complicated situation. The story begins with Emma getting engaged, which is also when she tells her mother about the guy she has been dating for a while and is now going to marry. Because everything happens so fast, it isn’t until they are at the wedding venue, a few days from the wedding, that Emma discovers that her husband-to-be’s father was once the love of her mother’s life.

As if the situation isn’t already stressful, Emma gets even more worked up by the brands she has to promote during her wedding. Considering that the agency that hires her and the location of her wedding are real, it is natural to wonder whether the brands mentioned in the film are also real.

The Fictional Designer Brands in the Film Reflect an Important Side of Emma’s Life

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

Emma’s job as an influencer puts her in a position where she has to use everything she does to promote one thing or another. Her sponsors are the only thing she is told to care about, as not only are they the ones who keep her in business, but she also enjoys several perks as a part of the job. Daisy Saint Daisy and Klaus von Klaus are those brands, but while the company, charity, and location of Emma’s wedding belong to the real world, the designer brands mentioned are entirely fictional.

When Emma gets engaged, her employers see it as an opportunity to promote not only her brand but also their own. They collaborate with several high-profile companies to milk the whole wedding thing and are especially aggressive about the approach because they are paying for it. This is why Emma doesn’t feel any inhibitions about completely devoting herself to doing what is asked of her, even if it means that her wedding won’t exactly be as personal an affair.

Such is the situation with Emma that she can’t even choose her own wedding dress. It is given to her by Daisy Saint Daisy, an up-and-coming brand described as the next Vera Wang. In the same vein, another brand, Klaus von Klaus, uses Emma’s wedding as the opportunity to showcase their own clothes to the world, and instead of the bride, they target the bridesmaids and other guests.

When Lana discovers she has to wear a black dress, which makes her look like Morticia Adams, she dislikes the idea. But she is more concerned about Emma not being able to make decisions for her own wedding, and instead of making it the most important and beautiful day of her life, it is turning out to be just another day at work, where she is doing things for others, not herself. It is when Emma finally decides to break free of all restraints and do her wedding her own way that things finally get back on track.

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