7 Movies Like Lisa Frankenstein You Must See

In the comedic horror film ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ helmed by Zelda Williams in her feature-length directorial debut, a stellar cast, including Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, Liza Soberano, and Henry Eikenberry comes together. The narrative unfolds around a misunderstood teenage goth girl who, after witnessing her mother’s brutal axe murder, ingeniously reanimates a Victorian-era corpse. Driven by the desire to mold him into the man of her dreams, the film takes audiences on a whimsical and macabre journey that combines horror elements with humor, resulting in a uniquely entertaining cinematic experience. If this blend of horror and comedy intrigues you, here are 7 movies like ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ for a similarly twisted cinematic experience.

7. Death Becomes Her (1992)

‘Death Becomes Her,’ directed by Robert Zemeckis, is a black comedy that explores the consequences of immortality. Starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis, the plot revolves around two women who consume potions to attain everlasting youth and immortality, triggering a darkly humorous chain of events. The film, much like ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ blends comedy with macabre elements, fearlessly injecting moments of shocking violence into its narrative. ‘Death Becomes Her’ shares a common ground with ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ in its fearless approach to combining humor with darker themes, making it an apt companion piece for those who enjoyed the latter’s unique blend of horror and comedy.

6. Re-Animator (1985)

‘Re-Animator,’ directed by Stuart Gordon, is a cult classic horror-comedy that delves into the darkly comedic consequences of resurrecting the dead. The film, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s work, follows a medical student who discovers a serum capable of reanimating the deceased. As chaos ensues, the boundaries between life and death blur, resulting in a macabre yet humor-laden narrative.

Comedic performances by Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, and Barbara Crampton inject hilarity into the narrative. In a similar vein to ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ ‘Re-Animator’ fearlessly intertwines horror and comedy, using its premise to deliver both shocks and laughs. For enthusiasts of the unique blend seen in ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ ‘Re-Animator’ stands as a fitting choice with its irreverent take on the intersection of life, death, and dark humor.

5. Heathers (1989)

In ‘Heathers,’ a satirical dark comedy directed by Michael Lehmann, the high school hierarchy takes a deadly turn. The film revolves around Veronica (Winona Ryder) and her rebellious boyfriend Jason “J.D.” Dean (Christian Slater) as they navigate the treacherous social landscape dominated by a clique of girls all named Heather. As dark humor meets sinister plots, the film explores themes of teenage angst and societal expectations. Drawing parallels with ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ ‘Heathers’ offers a twisted take on social dynamics and rebellion, making it an intriguing choice for those who appreciate the unconventional narratives in ‘Lisa Frankenstein.’

4. Poor Things (2023)

Poor Things‘ presents a captivating blend of black comedy and fantasy under the direction of Yorgos Lanthimos, featuring a stellar cast including Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, and Willem Dafoe. Adapted from Alasdair Gray’s novel, the film follows Bella, resurrected by Dr. Godwin Baxter, as she navigates her newfound life and liberation. Drawn to the parallels, ‘Poor Things’ resonates with ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ through its exploration of resurrection and the quest for autonomy. Both narratives jump into the complexities of existence and the pursuit of freedom amidst societal constraints, offering audiences a captivating and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

3. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

‘Jennifer’s Body,’ a dark comedy-horror film directed by Karyn Kusama, stars Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in the lead roles. Written by Diablo Cody, the same creative mind behind ‘Lisa Frankenstein,’ the two films share a connection within the same fictional universe. In ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ a demonic possession disrupts the suburban town as Jennifer, a high school student, undergoes a sinister transformation. The narrative intricacies, penned by Cody, resonate with her unique storytelling, adding depth to characters and exploring themes of female empowerment. This shared creative link establishes a thematic bridge between the two films, inviting audiences into a world where horror and humor intertwine seamlessly.

2. Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies‘ shares thematic parallels with ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ as both films explore unconventional love stories with a supernatural twist. Directed by Jonathan Levine, ‘Warm Bodies’ is a romantic zombie comedy featuring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. The narrative unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world where a zombie, R, begins to regain his humanity and emotions after encountering a living girl, Julie. Their connection sparks a chain of events that challenges societal norms. Both films navigate the complexities of love and identity, blending genres for a unique cinematic experience that goes beyond traditional horror or romance boundaries.

1. Young Frankenstein (1974)

‘Young Frankenstein’ is a must-watch for fans of ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ due to their shared comedic exploration of classic horror themes. Directed by Mel Brooks, ‘Young Frankenstein’ is a parody film that pays homage to Mary Shelley’s classic tale. It stars Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein’s descendant, who reluctantly reprises his ancestor’s experiments. The film cleverly blends satire, wit, and slapstick humor to create a hilarious rendition of the iconic narrative. With a stellar cast including Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, and Cloris Leachman, ‘Young Frankenstein’ delivers timeless comedy, making it a perfect companion for those who appreciate the humor in unconventional reanimations.

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