10 Movies Like Megan Leavey You Must See

In the heartrending drama ‘Megan Leavey,’ director Gabriela Cowperthwaite captures the gripping true story of a remarkable bond forged amidst the chaos of war. Meet Megan Leavey, a spirited US Marine corporal whose life takes an unexpected turn when she’s paired with Rex, a combat dog, on the battlefields of Iraq. Together, they embark on a perilous journey, braving danger and forming an unbreakable connection that transcends the horrors of war.

Led by the talented Kate Mara, the stellar cast brings this touching tale to life, immersing viewers in a world where loyalty, courage, and sacrifice know no bounds. The 2017 movie provides an emotional rollercoaster as you witness the extraordinary tale of Megan and Rex, a testament to the power of love and companionship amidst the chaos of conflict. If you crave more tales laden with bravery, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals, here are ten movies similar to ‘Megan Leavey ‘ that deserve your attention.

10. The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017)

‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ is a historical drama directed by Niki Caro, based on the true story of Antonina and Jan Żabiński, who sheltered Jews during World War II in their Warsaw Zoo. The ensemble cast includes big names like  Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, and Daniel Brühl, adding gravity to the movie. Similarly to ‘Megan Leavey,’ it portrays acts of courage and sacrifice amidst wartime turmoil. Both films highlight the bond between humans and animals, as well as the resilience and bravery of individuals in the face of adversity. They celebrate the unwavering determination to protect and save lives, showcasing the profound impact of compassion and empathy in the midst of conflict.

9. Thank You for Your Service (2017)

Thank You for Your Service‘ offers a poignant portrayal of the aftermath of war, taping into the raw and unfiltered experiences of soldiers returning home. Directed by Jason Hall, the film immerses viewers in the emotional journey of veterans grappling with PTSD and the harrowing challenges of readjusting to civilian life. With stellar performances from Miles Teller, Haley Bennett, and Beulah Koale, it navigates the complexities of trauma, resilience, and the bonds forged in the crucible of combat. Similar to ‘Megan Leavey,’ this cinematic gem shines a spotlight on the sacrifices and struggles of those who serve, urging us to acknowledge and honor their service with empathy and gratitude.

8. Army Dog (2016)

In ‘Army Dog,’ director Ezra Kemp weaves a heartwarming tale of loyalty and companionship between a retired military dog and his handler, Sergeant Tom Holloway (Casper Van Dien). As they navigate life after service, they encounter unexpected challenges that test their bond and resilience. Through poignant moments and catchy scenes, the film captures the essence of the human-canine connection and the profound impact of their partnership. Similar to ‘Megan Leavey,’ ‘Army Dog’ underscores the profound emotional depth of military service, shedding light on the enduring camaraderie and sacrifices made by both soldiers and their loyal four-legged companions.

7. To Be of Service (2019)

‘To Be of Service’ explores the emotional journey of veterans as they integrate back into civilian life, much like ‘Megan Leavey.’ Directed by Josh Aronson, the documentary taps into the transformative power of service dogs in aiding veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through intimate interviews and heartfelt moments, the film highlights the profound bond between these veterans and their canine companions, showcasing the healing and therapeutic effects of this relationship. With its raw authenticity and endearing storytelling, ‘To Be of Service’ resonates with themes of loyalty, resilience, and the enduring impact of military service, mirroring the emotional depth of ‘Megan Leavey.’

6. Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog (2019)

‘Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog’ delves into the unique bond between a Jewish boy and his loyal canine companion during the tumultuous times of World War II. Directed by Lynn Roth, the film follows the journey of Kaleb, a German Shepherd, who becomes separated from his family and embarks on a harrowing adventure. Amidst the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Europe, Kaleb’s steadfast loyalty and courage serve as a beacon of hope and resilience. Through his eyes, the audience witnesses the power of love and companionship in the face of adversity, echoing the themes of loyalty and survival present in ‘Megan Leavey.’

5. Finding Rin Tin Tin (2007)

‘Finding Rin Tin Tin’ and ‘Megan Leavey’ both depict endearing stories of the profound bond between humans and animals in the midst of conflict. While ‘Megan Leavey’ tells the true story of a young Marine corporal who forms a unique bond with her combat dog Rex during their deployment in Iraq, ‘Finding Rin Tin Tin’ portrays the fictionalized account of a soldier and his loyal German Shepherd navigating the challenges of World War I. Despite their different settings and narratives, both films share a common theme of companionship, loyalty, and the transformative power of the human-animal bond. Moreover, the casts of both movies deliver heartfelt performances that capture the emotional depth and complexity of their characters’ relationships with their canine counterparts. ‘Finding Rin Tin Tin’ features actors such as Tyler Jensen, Ben Cross, and Greg Lawson, while ‘Megan Leavey’ stars Kate Mara, Ramón Rodríguez, and Tom Felton, among others.

4. Dog (2022)

In ‘Dog,’ Channing Tatum takes on the role of Army Ranger Briggs, tasked with a mission: escorting the beloved military dog of his fallen comrade to its handler’s final resting place. As they embark on this unexpected journey, Briggs and Lulu, the Belgian Malinois, find themselves navigating not just the winding roads of the Pacific Coast but also the twists and turns of their own emotions. Through moments of laughter, camaraderie, and even peril, they forge a bond that transcends their differences and underscores the profound connection between humans and their faithful canine companions. This heartfelt tale of friendship, loss, and redemption mirrors the touching narrative of ‘Megan Leavey,’ both celebrating the unbreakable bond between soldiers and their loyal four-legged partners.

3. A Dog Named Palma (2021)

In ‘A Dog Named Palma,’ director Aleksandr Domogarov Jr. brings to life a touching tale set in the 1977 Soviet Union, where a loyal German Shepherd named Palma forms an unlikely bond with a boy named Kolya Lazarev, who has lost his mother. As Palma awaits her owner at Moscow’s Vnukovo International Airport, she finds solace and friendship in Kolya’s company. Their heartwarming journey unfolds against the backdrop of separation and longing, showcasing the enduring bond between humans and their dogs. Akin to ‘Megan Leavey,’ this film celebrates the profound connection between individuals and their devoted animal friends, resonating deeply with audiences.

2. War Horse (2011)

In the heart-wrenching tale of ‘War Horse,’ director Steven Spielberg takes audiences on an emotional rollercoaster through the tumultuous landscape of World War I. Amidst the chaos of battle, a remarkable bond forms between a young man named Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his loyal equine companion, Joey. Through breathtaking cinematography and engrossing storytelling, the film captures the raw intensity of war while celebrating the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. Much like ‘Megan Leavey,’ ‘War Horse’ tugs at the heartstrings, reminding us of the extraordinary connections that can form between creatures of different species amidst the brutality of conflict.

1. Max (2014)

In the powerful narrative tapestry of ‘Max,’ audiences are plunged into the tale of a loyal military dog and his transcendent bond with a grieving family. Directed by Boaz Yakin, this heart-stirring film stars Josh Wiggins, Thomas Haden Church, and Lauren Graham. Through heart-pounding action sequences and tender moments of connection, ‘Max’ looks into the evils of war and the profound impact it has on those who serve. Exploring themes of devotion, selflessness, and the enduring bonds that connect us, ‘Max’ strikes a chord with admirers of ‘Megan Leavey,’ delivering a mesmerizing filmic journey that honors the indomitable essence of bravery and camaraderie.

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