Rust Creek: 10 Similar Movies You Must See

Directed by Jen McGowan, ‘Rust Creek’ draws us into a gripping tale of survival set against the rugged backdrop of rural Kentucky. The film follows Sawyer, an intelligent college student who becomes stranded in the wilderness while en route to a job interview. When she encounters a group of dangerous locals, she is given refuge by a mysterious loner named Lowell, who offers her protection and guidance. Together, they try to outsmart the people hunting her, plunging Sawyer into a grueling struggle for survival. With its gritty backdrop and compelling character dynamics, the 2019 thriller film engages us in its suspenseful narrative. These are some movies like ‘Rust Creek’ that are sure to be enjoyed by fans of the genre.

10. The Ledge (2022)

Under the direction of Howard J. Ford, ‘The Ledge’ introduces us to Kelly and Sophie as they pair up with four men on a mountain climbing trip. However, when Kelly films the murder of her best friend at their hands, the only way she can escape is by climbing further up the mountain. With the murderous group hot on her tail, Kelly has to fight for her life on steep, perilous ledges and rock faces as they try to trap her from all sides.

Much like in ‘Rust Creek,’ one among the group sympathizes with Kelly and seeks to lend a hand as she uses everything at her disposal to survive in an isolated environment. Against a backdrop of breathtaking vistas and vertigo-inducing heights, ‘The Ledge’ will involve enthusiasts of the genre with its pulse-pounding sequences and Kelly’s terrifying ordeal.

9. Coyote Lake (2019)

With Sara Seligman at the helm, ‘Coyote Lake’ transports us to a remote border town where a mother and daughter run a secluded motel. Ester and her mother, Teresa, often host dangerous travelers and have developed a devious methodology for dealing with them. When a young man, Paco, enters their property with his injured friend and demands their help at gunpoint, a tumultuous sequence of events begins to unfold that will have Ester questioning everything. Like ‘Rust Creek,’ the narrative revolves around a remote location that sets the stage for moral dilemmas, deceit, and dangerous confrontations. The film is further highlighted by stellar performances and a tension-filled atmosphere, which cements its status as a hidden gem.

8. Edge of Winter (2016)

With Rob Connolly in the director’s chair, ‘Edge of Winter’ follows Elliot Baker, a struggling father who takes his two sons on a weekend trip to a remote cabin in the woods. However, their bonding time takes a terrifying turn when a sudden snowstorm strands them in the wilderness. As tensions rise and resources dwindle, Elliot’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, revealing dark secrets and hidden motives.

Trapped in a battle against the elements and their own father’s volatility, the boys must traverse dangerous terrain while confronting the harsh realities of their fractured family dynamic. With its intense atmosphere and gripping performances from Joel Kinnaman and Tom Holland, ‘Edge of Winter’ offers a chilling exploration of the depths of human nature, which will likely resonate with fans of the genre.

7. Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Under the creative supervision of Cate Shortland, ‘Berlin Syndrome’ centers on Clare, a young Australian photographer traveling alone in Germany, who meets and begins a passionate affair with a charming local teacher named Andi. When she softly wishes that she could stay with him, Andi takes the appeal very literally and traps her in his house. As Clare struggles to escape her captor’s grip, she learns unsettling truths about his past.

After being trapped for a long time, Clare begins to feel resigned to her fate, creating a twisted relationship between her and Andi as she attempts to make the most of her situation. With its powerful depiction of emotions and the despair of captivity, ‘Berlin Syndrome’ will intrigue fans of ‘Rust Creek.’ Furthermore, the leads put on riveting performances that create a nuanced exploration of the depths of obsession and control.

6. No Exit (2022)

Helmed by Damien Power, ‘No Exit’ introduces us to Darby, a young woman who escapes rehab to visit her mother at the hospital using a hotwired car. As she stops at a rest halt in the mountains during the night, the highway ahead is closed off due to a snowstorm. The quaint lodge has a small group of people within, and when Darby ventures outside to search for a signal, she finds a small girl trapped in a van belonging to one of the guests.

Darby has to keep her wits about her and figure out who the kidnapper is without alerting them of her discovery. The group is trapped in the lodge, and the night will see violence and chaos ensue as Darby risks it all to save the girl. Those who enjoyed the thriller elements and suspense of ‘Rust Creek’ will undoubtedly be drawn in by the trepid anticipation of ‘No Exit’ and its powder keg isolated setting.

5. Alone (2020)

In the directorial hands of John Hyams, ‘Alone’ follows Jessica, a recently widowed woman who embarks on a solo road trip to cope with her grief. However, she is snapped out of her grief when a creepy stranger asks her questions at a stop and seemingly begins to stalk her along the lonely highways. As Jessica’s fear and paranoia escalate, her relentless pursuer damages her car and kidnaps her. Trapped in a remote house in the woods, Jessica will have to fight with every fiber of her being if she is to survive the clutches of the psychopath. The riveting sequences of survival and the story’s nail-biting suspense will undoubtedly appeal to fans of ‘Rust Creek’ as both films share protagonists caught in harsh environments and precarious situations.

4. The Call (2013)

The Call’ is a heart-pounding thriller that follows an emergency dispatcher as she tracks down a young girl abducted by a serial killer. The film follows Jordan, a 911 operator who responds to a distress call from a kidnapped teen, using all of her skills and intuition to guide her through the ordeal and ensure her survival. However, when the kidnapper begins to go off the grid, the stakes become even higher as Jordan confronts the same man who had killed one of her previous callers. With its striking characters and adrenaline-fueled scenes, the film creates an environment of intense involvement for fans of the genre. Under director Brad Anderson, the movie ramps up to a breakneck pacing, providing a truly edge-of-your-seat experience.

3. The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’ is a tense and claustrophobic thriller that revolves around the kidnapping of a young woman. The film follows two ex-convicts, Vic and Danny, who meticulously plan and execute the abduction of Alice Creed, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, with the intention of collecting a hefty ransom. Once captured, Alice finds herself chained to a bed in a soundproofed room, at the mercy of her captors’ volatile personalities.

With its multifaceted narrative and skillful direction under J Blakeson, ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’ keeps will engage enthusiasts of ‘Rust Creek’ with a twist on the abduction movie formula. Like Sawyer, Alice seemingly finds a helping individual in her hostile environment, but we are kept in the dark regarding everyone’s true intentions.

2. A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

Under the direction of Julian Gilbey, ‘A Lonely Place to Die’ narrates a harrowing tale of survival set amidst the rugged and unforgiving Scottish Highlands. The film follows a group of mountaineers who stumble upon a young girl trapped in a hidden chamber buried deep in the wilderness. Determined to rescue her, the group quickly becomes embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with ruthless kidnappers who will stop at nothing to silence their witnesses.

With its breathtaking scenery and feverishly paced action, ‘A Lonely Place to Die’ delivers a gripping, adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience sure to enthrall enthusiasts of survival movies like ‘Rust Creek.’ In both narratives, the protagonists face dangerous criminals alongside harsh landscapes, fighting against both in a tumultuous struggle.

1. Eden Lake (2008)

A James Watkins directorial, ‘Eden Lake’ follows Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and Steve (Michael Fassbender), a young couple seeking a peaceful getaway at a remote lake. However, their idyllic retreat takes a turn for the worse when they clash with a group of unruly teenagers. As tensions escalate and the situation spirals out of control, Jenny and Steve find themselves in a fight for survival against the merciless youths. Trapped in the wilderness with no one to turn to, they must rely on their wits and courage to outsmart their tormentors and escape the nightmare that threatens their lives.

With its chilling realism and grueling scenes, ‘Eden Lake’ is not for the faint of heart as it immerses us in the emotional turmoil and horror felt by its protagonists. Much like ‘Rust Creek,’ the movie offers an unsettling exploration of human cruelty and the primal instinct for survival.

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