Mr and Mrs Smith Tribute: Who is Michael S. Sloane? How did He Die?

Image Credit: David Lee/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ recreates the magic of the movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While the show is inspired by the film, it expands the concept by taking the audience and the characters into completely different waters. It follows the story of John and Jane Smith, who are recruited by a spy agency that provides them with the cover of a married couple. It is supposed to help them in their missions, but when romance starts to enter the picture, things get quite complicated. As the eight-episode season delves deep into their story, the creators of the show acknowledge a person as “the greatest truth teller” in the tribute. Who is this person, and how are they connected to the TV show?

Michael S Sloane was the Father of Mr and Mrs Smith Co-creator

‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ comes from the minds of Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane, who have previously worked together on ‘Atlanta,’ the acclaimed TV show which also stars Glover in the lead role. The tribute at the end of the first episode of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ is dedicated to her father, Michael S. Sloane.

Image Credit: Daniella Sloane/ Go Fund Me

Details about the passing away of Michael Sloane are not confirmed, but he’d had some health issues a few years prior. In 2015, he had an arterial bypass, which had an impact on his health in the coming years. He was born in 1946 in a displaced persons camp in Germany to two Holocaust survivors. His parents moved to America a while later, and Michael Sloane spent his youth working several jobs to provide for his family. For the last ten years of his professional life, he worked as a real estate appraiser. After receiving the bypass surgery, he retired to live a more relaxed life. Michael Sloane was the father of two daughters, Francesca and Daniella Sloane. In 2018, he moved to California to be nearer to his daughters while also enjoying the sunny weather of the state.

Francesca Sloane has refrained from talking about her personal life in her interviews and hasn’t talked about her father or any other family member, respecting their privacy. She did mention in an interview that it was after 2020 (the year that Donald Glover proposed the idea of a ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ TV show to her) that she lost her father. By this time, she was married, and the pandemic allowed her to explore the details of her own marriage, which she later put into the story of John and Jane Smith.

It was while the show was still in the works that her father passed away. While the exact nature of his death is not confirmed, Michael Sloane was in his late 70s and most probably died due to natural causes. He lived a long and fruitful life, loved by his family and surrounded by them in his final moments. His daughter credits him as “the greatest truth teller” in the tribute, which says a lot about the good and honest life he lived.

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