Liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Here Are 10 Similar Films You Should Watch

Helmed by director Doug Liman, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ follows the seemingly ordinary suburban couple, John and Jane Smith. Unbeknownst to each other, both lead double lives as highly skilled assassins working for competing agencies. The plot takes a riveting turn when both of them are assigned the same target, leading to their discovery of each other’s secret identities.

Their deteriorating marriage ignites with passion as their house becomes an unfortunate battleground. After a bit of intense sparring, their love prevails and they team up to take on their own agencies. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie share an electric chemistry, and the 2005 film takes us on an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of action, humor, and romance. The thrill of a couple battling dangerous adversaries, and possibly each other, is felt in a few other movies like ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’

10. Killers (2010)

Under the direction of Robert Luketic, ‘Killers’ centers on Jen and Spencer, a seemingly ordinary couple with a twist. Unbeknownst to Jen, Spencer is a retired government assassin, living a tranquil life until their honeymoon is disrupted by armed assailants. Spencer’s past catches up with them, forcing the couple into a high-stakes game of survival. Like ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ the film blends romance with action, featuring a couple managing their relationship while dodging bullets together. As the two battle assassins and make sense of their unique bond, ‘Killers’ mirrors an entertaining mix of love, laughter, and explosive thrills seen in Doug Liman’s film.

9. The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Directed by Andy Tennant, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ revels in the comedic chaos of ex-lovers entangled in a web of crime and romance. Milo Boyd, a bounty hunter, is assigned to apprehend his elusive ex-wife, Nicole Hurley. Nicole, a feisty journalist on the run, is captured by a smug Milo. The narrative shifts into gear when the two are attacked by gunmen during their travels, making Milo realize that Nicole may be embroiled in a bigger mess than he imagined.

However, he still plans to take her to jail, leading to hilarious situations of working together against common threats, and fighting battles of deception with each other when alone. This dynamic is reminiscent of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ and both films share the theme of partners rediscovering their connection amid danger. While ‘The Bounty Hunter’ leans more towards humor than action, it echoes the chemistry-driven combination of romance and chaos seen in the action-comedy genre, creating an entertaining and light-hearted narrative.

8. You Kill Me (2007)

A John Dahl directorial, ‘You Kill Me’ offers a darkly comedic take on the hitman trope. Frank Falenczyk is a Buffalo-based assassin with an alcohol problem. The story begins as Frank struggles with his alcoholism, and is sent to San Francisco by his crime family to clean up his act and carry out hits. As Frank attends AA meetings and works in a mortuary, he becomes involved with a visitor, Laurel Pearson.

Opening up to Laurel, Frank begins to sober up and become a better man, but his past catches up with him and he is forced to take up arms once more to protect what he has built. If you liked the dynamic of John and Jane coming to understand one another and working together to build a new life, a similar story can be found between Frank and Laurel as they take down the gangsters hand in hand.

7. True Lies (1994)

With James Cameron in the director’s chair, ‘True Lies’ follows the seemingly ordinary life of Harry Tasker, who conceals his true identity as a top-level government spy from his wife, Helen. With a growing distance between them due to the nature of his work, she begins having an affair, leading Tasker to intervene in the matter with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The narrative heats up when Helen becomes entangled in a dangerous terrorist plot. As Tasker comes to her rescue, she finally learns the truth about him, and the two work together to thwart the terrorist threat.

Much like ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ the film combines a couple’s turbulent relationship with the thrill of espionage, uncovering hidden talents and secrets in the process. Both narratives explore the complexities of maintaining a dual life, combining explosive action sequences with comedic moments that arise from the characters’ contrasting perceptions.

6. The Tourist (2010)

Under the direction of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, ‘The Tourist’ takes us around Venice in a tale of mistaken identity and international intrigue. Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), an American tourist in Venice, becomes enamored with the mysterious Elise (Angelina Jolie). With Elise using him as cover, Frank is unwittingly thrust into a dangerous world of espionage. Those who liked Angelina Jolie’s character and performance in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ will find an enigmatic and dangerous avatar of her in ‘The Tourist.’ While distinct in tone, the film captivates with its scenic backdrop and plot twists, offering a stylish blend of action and intrigue.

5. This Means War (2012)

‘This Means War,’ combines romantic comedy with espionage as two CIA agents and best friends, FDR Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck Henson (Tom Hardy), inadvertently fall for the same woman, Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon). Challenging each other to win her over first, they use their spy skills and agency resources to outdo one another in wooing Lauren. Directed by McG, the film cleverly balances action sequences with comedic rivalry. If you were enthralled by the clash of two rival secret agencies and agents in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ you will be thoroughly entertained by the competition between Foster and Tuck as the two throw everything they have at each other for love.

4. Date Night (2010)

With Shawn Levy at the helm, ‘Date Night’ takes a comedic plunge into the mundane lives of Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire Foster (Tina Fey). Looking to spice things up in their stagnating romance, the suburban couple takes on a false identity on a date night. The decision quickly spirals into a wild adventure when their assumed names are tracked by a criminal network. The Fosters find themselves partaking in hilarious chases and fights with the criminals as an unlikely power couple. Those who enjoyed John and Jane seamlessly working together in action sequences will undoubtedly crack up at the near-parody presented by ‘Date Night,’ as its duo fumbles through thrilling action and romance alike.

3. The Mexican (2001)

Directed by Gore Verbinski, ‘The Mexican’ revolves around a low-level mobster, Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt), tasked with retrieving an antique gun named The Mexican for his mob boss. Simultaneously, Jerry’s girlfriend, Samantha Barzel (Julia Roberts), gives him an ultimatum to abandon his mob ties. The plot takes a thrilling turn as Jerry’s seemingly straightforward mission transforms into a disastrous ride filled with unexpected challenges and eccentric characters.

At the same time, Samantha is taken hostage by Leroy, a hardened criminal who becomes sympathetic to her relationship problems and supports her through her rough patch with Jerry. Fans of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ are sure to enjoy a charming and more relatable character donned by Brad Pitt in ‘The Mexican.’ Both films combine humor and action, creating hilarious circumstances in the midst of romance and the danger of organized crime.

2. Duplicity (2009)

‘Duplicity’ weaves a tale of intrigue and romance between Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) and Ray Koval (Clive Owen). The plot centers on the duo, former intelligence officers turned corporate spies, as they work for rival corporations preparing to sabotage each other’s operations. After a passionate tryst, the former agents formulate a plan to steal their companies’ products and finess a fortune to live together in luxury. However, their mutual distrust and the increasingly chaotic nature of work push them to the brink.

The film has multiple parallels with ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ as both feature rival agents who seek to get the better of each other, while also harboring a genuine bond between them. The movies merge romance with the high-stakes world of covert operations, showcasing the dynamics of a relationship amid the challenges of a dangerous profession.

1. Allied (2016)

Helmed by Robert Zemeckis, ‘Allied’ is a wartime romance thriller revolving around intelligence officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and French Resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard). Set during World War II, the narrative follows Max and Marianne on a dangerous mission in North Africa. Their simulated marriage for the mission evolves into genuine love, prompting them to marry for real in London and have a child together. However, their seemingly idyllic life is shattered when Max receives intelligence suggesting Marianne might be a German spy.

Faced with the impossible task of confirming the suspicions, and executing her if she is a spy, Max embarks on a hesitant journey to uncover the truth about his wife. With the possibility of two rival intelligence operatives living under the same roof, the tension created in ‘Allied’ comes the closest to similar sequences in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ While Doug Liman’s film leans towards a comedic action tone, ‘Allied’ depicts a more dramatic tale fraught with dire consequences of wartime deception.

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