Mrs. Davis Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’ is a sci-fi series that subverts the expectations of the genre by delivering a complex story with interesting characters. The protagonist is Sister Simone, one of the few people resisting the all-knowing, all-powerful artificial intelligence that has changed the world. While the rest of the world has surrendered to Mrs. Davis, Simone refuses to talk to her no matter how much she hounds her. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Davis and everyone else, Simone has dedicated herself to someone else, equally if not more mysterious than the AI. Here’s what happens in the first two episodes of the series. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mrs. Davis Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Image Credit: Colleen Hayes/Peacock

The story begins with a scene in the fourteenth century Paris. A group of men belonging to the Knights Templar is burned alive for committing heresy. A young nun quietly watches them and steals a boot from the ashes. She returns to her convent, where the soldiers barge in, accusing the nuns of collaborating with the Knights Templar. In a turn of events that leads to bloodshed, the nuns reveal that they are the Knights Templar, and their task is to keep the Holy Grail a secret.

Cut to the present day, and a scientist, who has been stranded on an island for over a decade, is rescued. He discovers that the world as he knew it has changed. There is no war or famine now. The world is ruled by an algorithm called Mrs. Davis. Everyone does as she asks; almost everyone on Earth is blindly devoted to her, except people like Sister Simone. She spends her days at the convent with other nuns, making strawberry jam. But secretly, she is given assignments from behind a secret door. She exposes magicians who con people. She is also in a weird relationship with a man named Jay.

Mrs. Davis has been trying to talk to Simone for a long time, but the nun keeps resisting it. That is, until the algorithm leaves her no choice. After Simone is kidnapped by a group of mysterious people who want to know why the AI is so interested in her, she is rescued by Wiley, her ex-boyfriend, before she turned into a woman of faith. Eventually, when Simone comes face to face with Mrs. Davis, she receives an assignment that will test her faith and change her life.

Mrs. Davis Episode 2 Ending: Who is Jay?

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Sister Simone was Lizzie in her previous life. A flashback in the second episode reveals that her parents were magicians, and they would plant her in the audience to pull off an act. Her mother was the engineer who concocted all sorts of things so that her father could sell the act to the audience. She would keep her inventions behind closed doors. When Lizzie opens the door, for which she was specifically prohibited, she takes an arrow that leaves a permanent mark on her body. Recovering from the wound in the hospital is the first time she meets Wiley.

Now, all these years later, Simone has turned to God while Wiley has become a part of an underground resistance. The group wants to free the world from the clutches of Mrs. Davis. Everyone is busy exhibiting their dedication to Mrs. Davis, hoping she will give them wings in return for accomplishing quests for her. Those who want a shortcut can get wings in exchange for an expiration date. The men in the resistance know that the AI has been after Simone, so they want to use the nun to find out the location of the servers of the AI and then destroy it for good.

Simone resists Mrs. Davis for as long as she can, but then, the AI takes away the convent, sending the other nuns on different quests. With her livelihood and purpose gone, Simone relents and meets Mrs. Davis, who reveals the quest it has in store for her. It wants her to find and destroy the Holy Grail. It believes that Simone is literally the only person in the world who can do that. It is so desperate for Simone to do this that it agrees to switch itself off once the Grail has been destroyed.

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Driven by her one chance to kill Mrs. Davis, Simone agrees to find the Grail. She asks Jay for help. He is a little concerned about Simone because this is the first time she is going up against someone as powerful and resourceful as the AI. He tells her about Clara, the last person known to have the Holy Grail. It is the woman from the first scene in 14th-century Paris. The combined tips from Jay and Mrs. Davis lead Simone to locate Clara in London, where she decides to go with Wiley, who, it turns out, is not telling Simone the whole truth about what he really wants.

A lot of weird things happen in the show’s first two episodes, but the most shocking revelation is that Jay is actually Jesus. Finding Simone in love with a man when she is a nun is weird. But then, she refers to herself as Jay’s wife. When they talk about the time he proposed her hand in marriage, it becomes clear that Jay is, in fact, Jesus Christ. Simone really is married to him, just like every other nun who has dedicated her life to the faith. It remains unclear whether Jay is inside Simone’s mind or if he really does exist, with both possibilities leading to even more questions.

Considering the weird road that ‘Mrs. Davis’ takes, it wouldn’t be so surprising if Jay is revealed to be much more than a hallucination inside Simone’s brain. There is the question of the quests she receives and the information he gives her about Clara. She couldn’t have gotten it anywhere else. And yet, it makes one wonder, if it’s really Jesus, and Simone is getting her assignments from the mysterious Boss (who must be God), then why don’t they just tell her where the Grail is? Why didn’t Jay want Simone to go after Mrs. Davis? Is there something he’s not telling her? There’s a lot to unpack in the coming episodes, but the truth behind Jay, his falafel shop, and the mysterious door is certainly among the top questions that need to be answered.

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