Mrs. Davis Episode 3 and 4 Recap: What’s on the Tape?

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Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’ is proving to be one of the weirdest and most fun shows of recent times by delivering a taut storyline that always seems to have something new up its sleeve. In the third and fourth episodes of the show, we receive some background on Sister Simone and how she came to be on the path where we first found her. While giving us these answers, the story also throws a new curveball, making us wonder what’s really going on with the Holy Grail and the AI’s search for it. The ending, especially, makes things very interesting. Here’s what it means for Simone and Wiley. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mrs. Davis Episode 3 and 4 Recap

Image Credit: Sophie Kohler/PEACOCK

Seven years before the events of the show, Wiley and Lizzie had planned to start a life together in Alaska. Wiley was going to give up his millions of dollars worth of inheritance to settle for a few thousand dollars to buy a cabin in the woods and spend the rest of his life with Lizzie there. However, he discovers that a part of his life that he had held so close was a lie, so he changes the course of their lives, which leads to his break-up with Lizzie.

In the present day, Wiley and Sister Simone go to London to attend the Excalibattle, where he participates in the competition to talk to the man whose number Simone received from Mrs. Davis. By the end, Wiley becomes more interested in the competition, and a bout of revelations between him and Simone leads to them confessing the things that happened on the day they broke up. He reveals how he made a deal with Mrs. Davis to get wings in exchange for an expiration date, and she reveals how she married Jesus.

Simone discovers the woman with red hair. She is part of a cult that has the Holy Grail. Wiley is held captive by a mysterious German priest, Hans Ziegler, who is curious about the shoes that Wiley got from Simone, who, in turn, got them from Mrs. Davis. Ziegler is also holding the Pope captive, and a heart-to-heart with him leads Wiley to make a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Jay tells Simone to deliver a specific cake to the Pope at a specific time, giving her no reason why he wants her to do it.

Mrs. Davis Episode 4 Ending: What’s on the Tape?

When Wiley tells Simone why he abandoned their plan to move to Alaska, Simone tells her how she met Jay and married him. Wiley wanted to prove that he was a real cowboy, as opposed to what his trainer, Bo, claimed. While he is ready to throw himself in danger, Simone prays for his life. This is when Jesus appears to her, and she falls in love with him. Wiley is spared from the rodeo that could claim his life in return for her faith.

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This story reveals how she turned from Lizzie to Sister Simone, bringing out the depth of her faith and love for Jesus. By the fourth episode, however, her faith is shaken when she is taken over by a bout of jealousy. After Wiley is kidnapped, Simone wants to look for him, but Jay tells her to go to Rome and deliver a specific cake from a specific shop to the Pope. Despite having doubts about this detour, Simone does as she’s asked, but then, she discovers that she isn’t the first one to be sent on this errand.

It serves as a remarkable parallel between God and Mrs. Davis, where both of them are revealed that they have been keeping their followers busy by sending them on quests. Mrs. Davis rewards her followers by giving them wings, which is a play on God turning his followers into angels. While talking to Simone about how Mrs. Davis works, JQ tells her that whenever Mrs. Davis sends her followers on a quest, she makes them feel like they are special, like they are the chosen ones. This is exactly how Jay makes Simone feel, which is why she is outraged when she realizes she is not the only one to have that connection with Jay.

The Pope displayed the same crisis of faith after Jesus told him to wait while he was with Clara. The Pope was outraged because he’d dedicated his entire life to having one moment with Jesus. But when the time came, he was asked to wait because Jesus preferred to be a ladies’ man. This pushed the Pope towards Mrs. Davis, and the same might happen with Simone.

In the final scene, Wiley and Simone’s paths collide as both find themselves inside the Vatican. Wiley’s there because he helped the Pope escape, while Simone almost choked to death, eating the cake she was meant to give the Pope. When she wakes up, Wiley tells her about the tape the Pope mentioned. It features the 14th-century Paris that we saw in the first episode. It turns out it was a commercial for a shoe brand, which is supposed to be magic.

This is the same brand Wiley was wearing, and somehow Ziegler is related to it. The shoe line was never released, and JQ finds its stash while trying to find Wiley, but there is something more interesting in the video. The information that Jay gave to Simone was correct. Clara is the one who has the Grail, or at least she did when she made that video. The person who shot the video was wearing the same shoes, but what gives away their identity is the cat that appears behind Clara.

It is Schrodinger’s cat. We met them in the first episode when the scientist was stranded on the island with only the cat for company. After being rescued, he was employed by Mrs. Davis to destroy the jam jars, which ran the convent out of business, forcing Simone to interact with the AI. While the details are still to be uncovered, there is a connection between the Grail and the shoes. Did Father Ziegler use the Grail to imbue the shoes with the magic that allows them to walk on water? Is this what Clara referred to in the video when she threatened Ziegler? All that remains to be seen, but the video does put a few things in perspective for Simone and Wiley.

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