Mrs. Davis Episode 6 Recap: Allison Treasures A Southern California Story

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Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis‘ keeps the mystery alive by throwing Simone and Wiley into another quest that resurfaces old wounds. We find out more about the circumstances behind her father’s death, how Mrs. Davis was involved in it, and what her mother’s obsession with her father means to them. This episode also sheds more light on the delicate nature of Simone and Wiley’s relationship, and at one point, Simone’s faith and her marriage to Jay are tested. By the end, Simone ends up doing something she’d been refraining from for so long and learns a valuable lesson from the algorithm. Here’s a look at the events that take place in this episode and what they mean for Sister Simone. SPOILERS AHEAD

Mrs. Davis Episode 6 Recap

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Now that they know where the Holy Grail is, Simone and Wiley go to Celeste, asking for her help with the Lazarus Shroud, the only thing that can help them get inside the whale’s stomach and bring the Grail out while staying alive. Celeste doesn’t buy the grail story and believes that Simone has been sent by Monty to get the suit back because they have been in cahoots since he faked his death three years ago. When Celeste refuses to give them the shroud, Simone, Wiley, and his men come up with a heist to get it for themselves.

In the flashback, we find out what happened during Monty’s last show and how he died. On the day of his funeral, Simone came close to breaking her vows and almost had sex with Wiley. In the present, Jay confronts her about her feelings for Wiley and the fact that she is still attracted to him. While she refuses to accept, later, she and Wiley almost have sex again, forcing Simone to take a look at her marriage and her faith.

Mrs. Davis Episode 6 Ending: What Did Mrs. Davis Tell Simone?

The reason that Simone hated Mrs. Davis was that she held the algorithm responsible for her father’s death. When the AI took control of the world, it gave people everything they wanted. That included helping them figure out how to play poker and answering their queries about how a magician pulled off a certain trick. For people like Simone’s father, Monty, this was a huge blow to their livelihood. The mystery behind their actions was taken away when anyone could ask Mrs. Davis how a magician performed a certain act and get the answer for it.

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In an attempt to revive the allure of magic, Monty came up with a trick that he believed could not be explained by the algorithm. It would make people interested in magic again because they wouldn’t have a straight answer to the question: how did he do that? However, Monty’s idea backfired on him when he dropped himself in a vat of acid, and his suit, which was designed to protect him, malfunctioned, and Monty died on live television. If Mrs. Davis hadn’t demystified magic for the general public, then Monty would have continued his less risky tricks and would still be alive.

All these years, Simone believed her father died a horrible death, while her mother held on to the fact that Monty succeeded in pulling off the trick and had faked his death. Simone believed it was her mother’s grief that prevented her from believing her husband had died. However, when Celeste shows her pictures of Monty days after his supposed death, Simone is forced to reconsider everything she believed until now. The only one who can clear her doubts is Mrs. Davis, so she goes to the algorithm to get a straight answer. Is her father still alive? And if so, where is he?

Simone never wanted to get in touch with Mrs. Davis, and even when she starts working for the algorithm, she makes a point to use proxies every time. This time, she finds a woman in a restaurant to act as her proxy, but when the algorithm answers Simone’s question, the woman refuses to say it out loud because it is too messed up for her to speak. Simone finally relents and talks to Mrs. Davis directly, finally getting the answer to her question. While she seems satisfied with it, we don’t get to hear what Mrs. Davis told her. Here’s what we think the AI told her.

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Simone asks if the pictures of her father were given to Celeste by Mrs. Davis. The algorithm says that it didn’t provide Celeste with those pictures, but Celeste did come to her with a question. She wanted to know if Simone had aided Monty in faking his death. Even though Mrs. Davis knew that Simone had nothing to do with it, it lied to Celeste and told her what she wanted to hear. The algorithm confesses that it lies to people, tells them what they want to hear, and gets them to trust it. Had Mrs. Davis told Celeste the truth, the latter would have probably made an enemy out of Mrs. Davis, believing that somehow Monty had the algorithm in on his plan. This means that Mrs. Davis wouldn’t shy away from lying to Simone either.

Simone wanted to know where her father was, but in her heart, she hoped he was dead because that’s how his story ended for her. If her father was alive, this would mean he duped her and, worse, used her to make her mother think he was really dead. This is not how Simone wanted to remember her father, and Mrs. Davis knows that, so this is what it probably told Simone. The algorithm told her that her father was indeed dead. That the pictures her mother showed her were fabricated, and they were just a part of her mother’s illusion to keep Monty alive so that she could direct her hatred somewhere.

The algorithm and Simone know that they’ll never be able to convince Celeste otherwise, so Mrs. Davis advises Simone to lie to her mother. In the final scene of the episode, this is what we see Simone do. She confesses that she had helped her father escape, and she knows where he is, but she’ll only tell Celeste the whole truth after she has used the Lazarus Shroud to get the Holy Grail from the stomach of a whale. Once that’s done, Simone will not need to entertain her mother’s theories ever again.

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