Mrs Davis Episode 7 Recap: Great Gatsby 2001 A Space Odyssey

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The penultimate episode of Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis’ brings Sister Simone’s quest closer to the finish line. Previously, her search for the Holy Grail led her to Schrodinger, who revealed that it was now inside the stomach of a giant sperm whale. To get inside the whale and get the Grail out, Simone needed the Lazarus Shroud, which she got from her mother after a lot of back and forth between them. It dug up old wounds, but Simone had everything she needed to get the job done. In this episode, titled ‘Great Gatsby: 2001 A Space Odyssey,’ she finally gets her hands on the Grail but discovers that destroying it comes with a price. Here’s what it all means for her. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mrs. Davis Episode 7 Recap

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Simone, Schrodinger, and Celeste get on a boat that leads them to the middle of the ocean to locate the whale that ate the Holy Grail. They have an elaborate plan, with measures in place to ensure Celeste comes out of it safely. However, anything can go wrong, so Schrodinger advises Celeste not to hide her love for her daughter. Mathilde and Father Ziegler follow them in another boat, but when they refuse to follow the instructions, the whale destroys their boat. Ziegler dies but Mathilde is saved.

Simone is geared up for her quest and lowered into the water to be eaten by the whale. Wiley had hoped to do it himself, but Simone handcuffed him at the port. Mrs. Davis found him and revealed that she knew everything about his resistance, and it was an important part of her survival. She tells Wiley to expand the resistance, giving her more power. The deadline hangs over Wiley as his expiration date nears.

Mrs. Davis Episode 7 Ending: Who is the Boss?

When Simone first found faith and her love for Jesus, she met him at a falafel shop. It wasn’t a real place, but she could always access it. It was not a big space, but there was a door that was always locked. Jesus, aka Jay, told her that the door was off-limits and the Boss lived behind it. Simone imagines that the Boss must be God, considering Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity. She never gets to see what’s behind the door until this episode.

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When the whale shows up and eats Simone, she retreats to her safe place, i.e., the falafel shop with Jay. She doesn’t find him there but notices that the forbidden door is open. Through it, she reaches a cave, where she finds a dead body covered in a shroud. She cannot take the cover off, but she knows it must be Jay. She is horrified at the thought of his death, which is when the Boss shows up. It turns out to be Jesus’s mother, Mary.

Before Simone received a task from Mrs. Davis, she used to work for Jay and the Boss. They would give her targets, usually magicians, and she would expose their reality. For her final task, the Boss tells her to go after the algorithm and destroy it. Jay didn’t want it, but the Boss ordered it, so Simone decided to go through with it. Mary reveals that she had deliberately sent Simone after the algorithm because, like Mrs. Davis, she, too, wants the shroud to be destroyed.

Mary reveals that she made the Holy Grail from her son’s skull three days after his death when she feared the Romans would take him away. She did it out of love for her son, hoping to keep some part of him with her. However, this trapped him in limbo, between life and death, and this is where people like Simone come and meet him. While Jesus had company, over time, Mary saw that he was not happy because he wasn’t really alive. He couldn’t leave the restaurant, eat the falafel he made for others, and never enjoy life as it was meant to.

When Simone came to Jesus, Mary saw the only chance to destroy the Grail and free her son. She reveals that it wasn’t the liver that made her special but her love for Jesus. It turns out that it will explode your head only if you drink from it out of anger. However, if you only think about Jesus and your love for him, you will be fine, and the Grail will be destroyed. Mary saw how much Simone loved Jesus and knew she was the only one who could destroy the Grail. However, it also means that Jesus will be dead for good. He’ll move on from the limbo, and Simone will never get to see him again.

Why Does Wiley Destroy the Resistance’s Headquarters?

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With Mary’s help, Simone gets her hands on the Grail and makes it out alive out of the whale. She lands on a beach where the followers of Mrs. Davis surround her. Meanwhile, Wiley returns to Reno and tells JQ about his conversation with Mrs. Davis. He reveals that the algorithm is using their mainframe, meaning they must destroy it. However, even after the HQ is destroyed, JQ and the team discover that the algorithm is still online, and Wiley is nowhere to be seen.

Wiley never trusted Mrs. Davis, so when the algorithm told him it was using their servers to keep itself in the game, he knew it was a lie. He knew the algorithm wanted him to destroy the HQ and wouldn’t have done it. However, he realizes that Mrs. Davis is inside their mainframe, which they believed was off the grid. It knew about the resistance from the beginning, so anything that would or could do wouldn’t mean anything because Mrs. Davis would always be one step ahead of them.

Wiley realizes that Mrs. Davis is everywhere. There is no running or hiding from it, so there is no way to defeat it. All the resistance’s work had been in vain, and Wiley didn’t want his friends to spend the rest of their lives chasing something meaningless. His funding kept the resistance going, and as long as they had a headquarter, they would keep trying to bring down the algorithm. Wiley didn’t want them to waste their lives on this meaningless quest, so he destroyed the HQ. He accepts his fate and surrenders to Mrs. Davis when his expiry date arrives.

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