Muriel Henriquez: Where is Rex Heuermann’s Ex-Colleague Now?

In CBS’ ’48 Hours: The Gilgo Beach Serial Killings,’ viewers are provided with a detailed account of the titular murder cases carried out by Rex Andrew Heuermann. When the bodies of four women were discovered on a beach in 2010, a thorough investigation was launched in order to get to the bottom of the case and bring the person responsible for the killings to justice. Being a former colleague of the convicted serial killer, Muriel Henriquez also features in the episode, recounting her encounters with Rex in the workplace.

Muriel Henriquez Was Aware of Rex Heuermann’s Hunting Skills

Hailing from Haiti, Muriel Henriquez moved to New York, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Technology from the New York Institute of Technology. Due to her impressive educational qualifications, she managed to get a job at RH Consultants & Associates, an architectural company owned and run by Rex Andrew Heuermann. Working with Rex meant Muriel had to engage in frequent back-and-forth conversations with him in the office. In the summer of 2007, she received an unexpected gift from him — a sweater that he had asked his wife to bring from her trip to Iceland.

At the time, Muriel considered that a sweet and thoughtful gesture, but later, she suspected that he could have made the most of his wife’s absence for several other things, including the murder of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, one of the women for the killing of whom he was convicted. Although Muriel held on to the sweater, she stopped wearing it after his conviction. Instead, she claimed that it served as a reminder of the two women who were victims in her eyes. During her time working at Rex’s firm, she did not see anything alarming or out of the ordinary in his behavior or demeanor.

In Muriel’s own words, Rex was “a little bit of a nerd in a way. … he liked to talk about himself, what he knew … not a narcissist, but a little bit of a, you know, I know everything kind of guy.” While working with him, she also learned that he loved hunting in his free time. So, when the news about the authorities discovering about 300 firearms from Rex’s vault in his basement came out, she was not surprised about the fact that they found ammunition in his possession but only by the number of guns they recovered. Even though he and his behavior seemed harmless on the outside, she had a weird and unnerving encounter with Rex.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, Muriel decided to go big and booked a cruise vacation, surrounded by her loved ones. Before she left for the vacation, the owner of RH Consultants & Associates asked her about her plans for her birthday. She only told her that she was celebrating it in the middle of the ocean and that he could not find her even if he wanted to. Although he told her that he was capable of doing so, she did not pay much heed to it until she found a white envelope under her door on the second day of her cruise trip. It contained a note from none other than Rex Heuermann, who wrote, “I told you I could find you anywhere.”

Muriel Henriquez Still Resides in Staten Island, Working as a Code Consultant

After cutting ties with Rex Heuermann’s company, Muriel Henriquez reportedly joined JAM Consulting as a Project Manager/Code Consultant, where she continues to work today. Still residing in Staten Island, New York, Muriel has traveled to many exotic locations over the years. Her 40th birthday wasn’t the last time she went traveling on a cruise ship. She enjoys such trips and ensures that she feels the wind in her hair while she glides past waves onboard a ship every once in a while.

The proud Haitian native also got the opportunity to visit a desert in 2019. Meanwhile, in 2021, she went on a trip to get closer to the mountains. Seemingly a nature admirer, Muriel never misses the opportunity to witness a sunset as she finds them quite captivating. In December 2023, she even paid a visit to BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Enjoying her supposedly single life, she strives to keep traveling and watch sunsets in newer places.

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