Sarah Barlage: Where is Robert Bilott’s Wife Now?

Pertaining to the DuPont case that was championed by Rober Bilott, ‘Dark Waters‘ is a captivating movie directed by Todd Haynes. It focuses on a true case involving chemical pollution and the company named DuPont. In the 2019 film, actress Anne Hathway is seen portraying Sarah Barlage Bilott, who is Robert’s wife and tries her level best to stay by the lawyer’s side. However, as the time for the DuPont case continues to stretch, the viewers also get to see how Sarah becomes unhappy about Robert’s behavior, especially pertaining to her and the family.

Sarah Barlage Bilott is a Lawyer Turned Housewife

The first time Sarah Barlage Bilott had met Robert Bilott, she was still going by the name Sarah Barlage. At the time, Robert was working for Taft and helped companies in regard to regulations surrounding chemical waste. A colleague of Robert’s felt that she was too immersed in his work and was not socializing enough. As such, the colleague took it upon himself to introduce Robert to his childhood friend, Sarah Barlage. At the time, Sarah was also working as a lawyer, specifically at a firm in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Her job primarily revolved around defending organizations from compensation claims filed by employees.

The first meeting between Sarah and Robert was certainly interesting as she quickly realized that he was a man of few words. This, she felt, complimented her own personality, given her openness to talking to her heart’s content. Slowly but surely, Sarah and Robert grew closer and closer. Ultimately, they got married in 1996. Two years later, the couple welcomed their first child into the world. Robert himself had become secure in his career enough that Sarah was open to leaving behind her own work as a lawyer in order to concentrate on raising their children, as they would end up becoming parents to three boys.

Things would soon change for the family, though, when Robert decided to file a lawsuit against DuPont in 1999. In ‘Dark Waters,’ Sarah’s character indicates that she felt like Robert was cutting off from his family and children due to his focus on the DuPont case. The strain between the couple is shown to be a strong one, though Sarah is shown to be perhaps the first one who heard her husband’s theory. As per the real Sarah, things were certainly not easy, especially given the number of years for which the medical testing continued and how the case looms over their heads even now.

‘It was stressful,’’ Sarah told The New York Times Magazine ‘‘He was exasperated that it was lasting a long time. But his heels were so dug in. He’s extremely stubborn. Every day that went by with no movement gave him more drive to see it through. But in the back of our minds, we knew that there are cases that go on forever.’’ Throughout the whole process, Sarah tried her level best to be there for Robert and help her three sons: Teddy, Charlie, and Tony Bilott.

Sarah Barlage Bilott Continues to Support Her Husband

Given Sarah Barlage Bilott’s own words regarding the strain that the DuPont case has put on her and her family, it is easy to understand why she was portrayed so prominently in ‘Dark Waters.’ Despite her reservations, including those that she has chosen not to share with the public, Sarah has continued to be a supporting figure for her husband. She was by his side when the case seemed to be at its lowest point and while her own frustrations seemingly did become verbal, she tried her level best to be there for Robert Bilott. As of writing, she is working with ProKids as a Staff Attorney and CASA Volunteer, having actually joined the company in October 2015 in the latter position and then acquiring the former role in 2017.

‘Dark Waters’ also showcases Sarah as someone who also wants justice for the harm caused by unregulated chemical pollution. The former lawyer does seem to be supportive of this notion and has endorsed the movie as well. Not only did she attend the premier by her husband’s side, but the couple also had a brief role in the movie. Their three sons, Teddy, Charlie, and Tony Bilott can also be seen in the movie. Charlie actually graduated from the University of Cincinnati in May 2022, while Teddy graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning in May 2021.

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