Kenneth Kendrick: Where is PCA Whistleblower Now?

Netflix’s ‘Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food’ is a documentary directed by Stephanie Soechtig that sheds light on the possible dangers within the food system of the USA. However, few can share as many details about the possible malpractices within the industry as someone who is or was once a part of it. This is the role that Kenneth Kendrick played when he decided to share with the world about things he had allegedly seen within the premises of the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA).

Who is Kenneth Kendrick?

When it comes to professional accomplishments, Kenneth has done much in his life. The Texas Tech University graduate used to work with Charter Plains Hospital as a Mental Health Specialist from May 1998 to February 1994. After that, he served as a Texas Works Advisor IV Assistant Program Manager, taking up the position in March 1994 and then leaving in June 2002. At the same time, Kenneth was also an Eligibility Specialist for the Texas Department of Human Services. Over the years, he has also worked with organizations like South Plains AIDS Resource Center, Wells Fargo Bank, United Blood Services, and Marshfield Food Safety.

However, it was his time at the PCA that made Kenneth a public subject of interest. From July 2006 to March 2007, he was a Production Planner for the company’s plant in Plainview, Texas. During his well-known interview with ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ Kenneth revealed that he had sent many complaints to the company’s owner Stewart Parnell and the Texas Department of Health in order to inform them about the unhygienic conditions within his workplace. “Water, particularly anything leaking off a roof, and this is where things get a little disgusting, is there’s bird feces washing in,” he recalled.

Though he left PCA in 2007, Kenneth could not help but think back to the time when the salmonella outbreak in 2008-2009 started being linked to PCA. Apparently, after learning that the company was trying to label a case in Georgia as an “isolated incident,” Kenneth decided to speak up about how the company’s premises were far from sanitary. In order to truly publicize his statements, he partnered with the Government Accountability Project (GAP) and STOP Foodborne Illness in order to give a genuinely groundbreaking interview on national television.

Kenneth was particularly motivated to speak up because his own granddaughter had fallen ill in December 2008 and had exhibited signs of being salmonella positive. “I kept giving her the crackers, and she kept getting sicker,” he shared. “I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights over that, a lot of crying over that issue.” Thanks to Kenneth’s statements, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to investigate both PCA plants, which led to even more recalls, and the company was further accused of being responsible for ignoring industry standards.

Kenneth Kendrick is a Public Speaker Now

As of writing, Kenneth has become a huge advocate for the rights of whistleblowers, given his experiences after he took up the role. According to his own accounts, the former PCA employee was fired from the job that he had when he decided to share his findings. Additionally, Kenneth has talked about his struggles with depression and how his marriage was negatively impacted due to public scrutiny.


Based in Lubbock, Texas, Kenneth is a Public Speaker and an avid Food Safety Advocate who has championed the cause for several years. In November 2013, he ran for the Texas Agriculture Commissioner post as a Green Party candidate. Kenneth’s statements helped expose one of the biggest companies in the US, for which he has gained much respect across the country. We wish him the best and hope that he continues to live a happy and healthy life in the company of his loved ones.

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