Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Abrupt Approach

In ‘Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation’ season 2 episode 3 titled ‘Abrupt Approach,’ Rudeus continues to grow in popularity and starts working with the Counter Arrow quite frequently. When he and Sara are about to have intercourse, Rudeus realizes that he cannot have an erection. Soldant later learns about his and takes him to the brothel, hoping that it will eventually fix things for him.

Rudeus’ Romance With Sara Ends in Embarrassment

Rudeus has been working with the Counter Arrow on a consistent basis recently. His reputation has really grown and a lot of people have started talking about him. Interestingly, he has also gotten really closer to Sara. Since her blade is getting chipped, she asks Rudeus to go with her shopping the following day. But soon it becomes to dawn on him that she actually wants to ask him out on a date.

The two continue to drink together quite late into the night and later Sara asks him if she can come to his room. Rudeus understands what she means and feels quite nervous. In the room, the two start making out and everything appears to be going well until Rudeus realizes that he can’t get an erection for some reason. Sara is visibly upset when she later leaves the room and also tells him that she is not really into him.

Rudeus is understandably upset by this incident and goes to the bar to have some drinks. That’s when Soldant says something that he ends up beating him up. The two eventually reconcile and Soldant learns what happened between him and Sara. He feels that he needs professional help and takes him to the nearby brothel, hoping that it will fix his problem.

Why Does Sara Slap Rudeus?

Since the high-class brothel does not really help Rudeus much, Soldant and he walk out of it disappointed. Soldant shares his experiences at the labyrinth and recalls how things would often get tougher the deeper he went. Every labyrinth requires a different strategy since the monster inside poses a different level of threat. So, in such a time running in blinding is often more problematic than most people realize.

Soldant connects those experiences to the present scenario and tells Rudeus to give himself time and get used to certain things before taking the next big step. Although he feels that Sara was prepared to establish a sexual relationship with Rudeus, he also notices that his friend was probably not prepared emotionally and had also rushed things. Rudeus points out that he did everything just out of obligation and does not even like him.

But Soldant feels that he is not right in his assessment. He advises his friend to pay him a visit and talk things out with her. For some reason, Rudeus then tells Soldant that he does not want a woman like Sara and goes on to say that she is built like a kid. Rudeus does not stop there and also compares her body with Elise. His comments are obviously too harsh and unfortunately for him, he does not realize how loud he is talking.

All of a sudden Soldant freezes as he sees someone behind Rudeus. Soon, Rudeus realizes that Sara heard everything that he had to say and she immediately slaps him as hard as she can. He cannot really say much to stop her and falls to his knees realizing what he has done. Soldant slaps him on the head and asks him to run after her. Since he feels sorry for his friend, Soldant tells Rudeus about a labyrinth in the Dutcy of Neris and asks him to tag along for his next adventure.

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