Muted: Is Sergio Ciscar and Balcony Killer a Real Killer in Spain?


Netflix’s ‘Muted’ is a crime thriller that follows a psychologist trying to figure out the reason behind a teenager’s murderous streak. Eight years ago, Sergio brutally killed his parents and, being a minor, was sent to a reform center. He never defended himself, even in court, and never spoke about why he killed his parents. His silence is believed to be his confession, but Ana Dussuel is not convinced. She becomes obsessed with Sergio and intends to get to the root of his problem. Is he really a psychopath who killed his parents in cold blood, or is he an innocent victim who had to pay for someone else crimes? If you are wondering whether Sergio’s crime is inspired by a true story and if he is based on a real-life murderer, here’s what you need to know about him.

Sergio Ciscar is a Fictional Character

Image Credit: Lander Larrañaga/Netflix

No, Sergio Ciscar in ‘Muted’ is not based on a real killer. He is an original character created by writer-director Aitor Gabilondo. He wanted to explore several themes through Sergio’s story, mainly focusing on the brutal crimes committed by teenagers and how it impact their adult lives. The story also focuses on Sergio’s reintegration into society and how he struggles with it amidst his image as a killer. The story also delves into people’s obsession with killers and how invested they can become in these stories.

While Sergio’s story was created to serve the purpose of the show, it bears some similarities with the case of José Rabadán. In April 2000, 16-year-old Rabadán woke up in the morning and killed his parents and younger sister with a katana. When the cops arrived at the crime scene, they were shocked by its brutality. Rabadán was called the Catana Murderer by the press and roused people’s interest in the reasons behind his actions.

In ‘Muted,’ we discover that Sergio has self-control and temper issues, which is why his mother medicated him. Rabadán, however, was known to be a shy and polite kid who kept to himself and liked to play video games. Through one of his games, he developed an interest in martial arts and got a katana to practice. Later, he revealed that he wanted to run away from home and didn’t want his parents to come after him, so he killed them. He killed his sister, who had Down syndrome because he didn’t want her to suffer.


Talking about exactly what prompted him to kill his parents and how he went about it, Rabadán said he doesn’t remember the specifics.  “I regretted it since the sword came down, but I don’t really remember it,” he said. Being a minor, Rabadán was sent to a facility and was released after seven years, nine months, and one day in 2008. He received psychiatric help, was reintegrated into society, and has led a quiet life since then. Reportedly, he is married and has a daughter.

Another shocking case that might have influenced ‘Muted’ happened in 2022, when a 15-year-old boy shot his parents and 10-year-old brother. He revealed that an argument between them over his bad grades in school ended in bloodshed. The crime didn’t come to light for three days, which is when the neighbors and relatives came around to check on the family. The boy remained at the house with the dead bodies alone all this time. Once again, the case raised the question of what leads a young person to commit such a crime. Reportedly, the teenager showed “unusual coldness, without expressing remorse.”

Considering cases like this, we can say that while Sergio Ciscar is not based on a real murderer, his story has roots in real-life cases where teenagers have resorted to violence. It is difficult to understand the reasons behind their actions and what the dynamics in the family were, but they do invoke a lot of curiosity from the public.

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