Lifetime’s My Acting Coach Nightmare: Shooting Locations and Cast Explored

Under the direction of Glenn Ciano, ‘My Acting Coach Nightmare’ tells the nerve-wracking story of a mother who lets her daughter join a prestigious acting class, only to realize that the acclaimed acting coach may be hiding an ominous secret. Recovering from a tumultuous time in her life after losing her husband, Lisa finally seems to be back on track. She has a dependable and stable boyfriend, a well-paying job, and a flourishing teenage daughter, Sienna. When Sienna reveals her aspiration to pursue acting, Lisa isn’t able to deny her request, and agrees to enroll her in the acting class picked out by her.

As her daughter dives headfirst into the world of acting, Lisa notices a growing divide between them. Sienna becomes increasingly distant, her personality morphing unrecognizably under the influence of her enigmatic acting coach, Max. With the coach’s suspicious behavior, Lisa’s investigations reveal gravely troubling signs of a cult’s sinister miasma surrounding Max. The Lifetime thriller film takes us through the urbanscape of the West Coast, where Lisa must race against time to save her daughter and the future she has worked so hard to build for her. The film’s suspenseful narrative could raise questions about the real-world locales where it was filmed.

My Acting Coach Nightmare Filming Locations

Principal photography for the movie, ‘My Acting Coach Nightmare,’ took place in 2023 across sites in Rhode Island, primarily in the town of East Greenwich and the state’s capital of Providence. The film’s cast and crew seem to have really enjoyed working on the project and took to social media to express their appreciation for the team. Let us explore the filming locales chosen to bring ‘My Acting Coach Nightmare’ to life.

Providence, Rhode Island

‘My Acting Coach Nightmare’ was filmed in the historic city of Providence and its surrounding areas in Rhode Island. Sprawled along the eponymous river, the city is known for its educational institutions, picturesque waterfront, and aesthetic urban landscape. Set on the West Coast, the stately architecture, cobblestone streets, and bustling waterfront of Providence provided an appropriate backdrop for its narrative to unfold around. The Historic Park and Event Center is a performing arts theatre that is seen in the film. Located at 848 Park Avenue in Cranston, the historic venue has hosted performances for over a hundred years.

Sporting an eclectic blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, Providence provides filmmakers with a versatile backdrop for a wide range of narratives. Some films that have captured the nostalgic appeal of Providence are ‘The Purge: Election Year,’ ‘NOS4A2,’ ‘Hard Luck,’ and ‘The Killers Next Door.’

East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Nestled along the tranquil shores of Narragansett Bay, the quaint town of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, served as a captivating filming location for ‘My Acting Coach Nightmare.’ A quieter shooting destination as compared to Providence, the town is home to Hyperborea Films, the production company behind the Lifetime movie. Situated at 214 Main Street, the production team, led by Glenn Ciano, set the scenes of ‘Acting Coach Nightmare’ against the backdrop of this charming Rhode Island town.

Other films from the production house lensed in the area include ‘Johnny & Clyde,’ ‘Sins of the Preacher’s Wife,’ ‘A Witness to Murder.’ The producers behind ‘My Acting Coach Nightmare’ seek to make Rhode Island a filmmaking hub for aspiring artists. “Our hope is to get involved with students and schools to really build a foundation for film in Rhode Island,” said producer Verdi.

My Acting Coach Nightmare Cast

Samaire Armstrong and Neela Jolene lead the film as Lisa and Sienna, respectively. Samaire is a seasoned actress who dabbles in fashion design. She is known for her work in ‘Dirty Sexy Money,’ ‘Stay Alive,’ ‘The O.C.,’ and ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing.’ You may have also seen her in ‘Who Stole My Daughter?,’ ‘The House on the Hill,’ and ‘Deadly Excursion: Kidnapped from the Beach.’ Neela Jolene is an LA-based actress who began performing on stage at 5. Neela began high school with 150 stage performances under her belt. The talented actress then went on to win four pageants, star in short films and commercials, remain a straight-A student, and graduate high school two years early to attend college.

Neela has garnered attention for her performances in ‘The Goldbergs,’ ‘Juniors,’ ‘Dhar Mann,’ and ‘House of Karma.’ Her other works include ‘Attaway General,’ ‘Chicken Girls,’ and ‘Chasing Charlie.’ Climbing into the bad guy’s saddle is the versatile Cameron Jebo. Cameron can be seen in the productions ‘Killer Single Dad,’ ‘Power Rangers Megaforce,’ and ‘Austin & Ally.’ Other cast members include Erik von Detten as Mark, Valyn Lyric Turner as Amy, Victoria Mirrer as Haley, Chris Whitcomb as Alex, Kendall Bousquet as Teen Actor, and Michael S. Messier Jr. as Parent. The film also features Sabrina Corsino, Alex Barber, Victoria Grace, India Harper, and Victoria Grace as acting students.

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