My Five Wives: Where Are the Cast Members Now?

Image Credit: Brady Williams/Facebook

In 2014, TLC’s reality series ‘My Five Wives’ introduced the daily life of a polygamist family, featuring Brady Williams and his five wives, Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda Williams. They are based in an unnamed region south of Salt Lake City, Utah, and previously followed fundamentalist Mormon teachings in which polygamy was accepted as the norm. They all shared these views as children. Brady is now the father of 25 kids, and the entire family resides on a property that consists of two houses. After leaving their religion and leading a “progressive polygamy belief system,” the family was also shunned by their community because they were considered misfits.

Hence, they decided to present their life of “love and commitment as a family” to the world to share their side of the story. Because of their unusual yet harmonious setting, the show garnered quite an attractive response. Whether it was Brady’s time management ideas, the teachings given to children, the friendships, conflicts, and jealousy among the wives, and the ways they wanted to promote the idea of polygamy, all proved very intriguing for their fans, who later wondered why the show discontinued after 2 seasons. Thus, as fans might be curious to know where the family is now, here’s what we found out!

Brady Williams is Focusing on His Business Today

Brady Williams, a former bishop of the Mormon Church, later went on to pursue a philosophy degree and worked at the family construction company held by his brother. He still resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with all his wives, children, and grandchildren but shifted from the previous house complex seen on the show to one bigger home for everyone. The new house has a huge family room and kitchen along with separate spaces, including kitchen areas for each wife and respective family.

Brady had reportedly filed for bankruptcy in 2014, saying he had over $402,000 in debt with less than $4 in his savings account. However, in 2016, he graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Since 2015, Brady has been the owner of a window replacement business called Ox-Glass and likely continues to run it even today.

Paulie Williams is Surrounded by Loved Ones

Paulie Williams is the first and only legal wife of Brady Williams, according to all his official documents, including his bankruptcy papers. This is because polygamy and plural marriage is illegal in the country; according to the law, Brady is married to Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda spiritually. Paulie and Brady have now been married for about 30 years.

They are parents to six children — Karlie, Madeline, September, Maura, Camry, and Joshua. Paulie is a professional Dental Assistant and Hygienist and worked to provide for her family. Belonging to similar religious backgrounds, she knew she would be in a plural marriage too. Now, Paulie lives in the same house with the other members and is also a grandmother enjoying her time with her grandchildren.

Robyn Williams Continues to Thrive as a Family Member

Robyn Williams is the second wife of Brady. They got married merely eight to nine months after Brady’s first wedding. They have now been married for almost 30 years and have five children, namely Hannah, Lauren, Dane, Thomas, and Trey. Robyn is an Artist and Painter, which might contribute to her sensitive and caring nature. She often presented her artwork to others, including the other wives, as gifts. On the show, Robyn admitted to being a people pleaser, but she always took care of all the children in the house. She now lives in the same big house with a huge backyard with her entire family.

Rosemary Williams is Focusing on Family

The third wife of Brady Williams, Rosemary, has been married to him for almost 28 years. The couple has four kids together namely Kimberly, Taylor, James, and Brandon. They first met through church and got married after about 3 years. Rosemary learned to cook only after being taught by her husband, but she later became so good that she was referred to as the gourmet expert.

Rosemary belonged to a polygamous family and thought that it was the only way to have a family. However, adjusting to her marriage was not easy, like all the other wives, and she also had to deal with her weight issues after the birth of her children. Rosemary got a degree in music from the same university as Brady and is also a musician.

Nonie Williams Now Assists in the Family Construction Business

Nonie Williams is the fourth wife of Brady Williams, and they have been married since 1998, i.e., for nearly 25 years. They have six children, and they are Paul, Rachel, Marissa, Aiden, Taylee, and Addisen Jai. When we first met her on the show, Nonie was a very cleanliness-friendly and particular person who liked things a certain way and kept her home that way. Being raised in a polygamous setting, Nonie was prepared to live in the same marriage setting in her life.

Nonie was also considered a “worrier” among the wives because she was frequently concerned regarding the family’s monetary situation. However, after considering having another child, she was the last one to conceive and give birth to another and the youngest child of Brady, as of writing — Addisen was born in 2015. Now, she also works in the family construction business and looks after their social media page, Brady and Wives.

Rhonda Williams is Leading a Happy Life

Rhonda Williams, who is a cousin of Robyn, is the fifth and last wife of Brady Williams. Brady married her when he was 29-years-old, and they have been married for over 22 years. The couple has four children together, Eden, Lake, Arwen, and Nicholas. On the show, Rhonda was also seen to be very eager to have another baby but only through adoption. She had a medical issue with her breasts, and the family was seen to pray for her and also gathered to discuss her decision to adopt.

However, it does not seem like they went ahead with it since there hasn’t been any update about it. Rhonda is a professional medical assistant who works to support the family. They now also live together in the same massive house, and they all seem to lead a great life together. From what we can tell, they share their challenges and happiness with everyone as a family and love to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and every other milestone together. Thus, we only wish the Williams family more happiness and love in the future ahead.

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