My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 20 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘My Hero Academia’ season 5 episode 20, titled ‘My Villain Academia,’ the story shifts two months back. Tomura and the rest of the League of Villains go to retrieve the power that All For One left for them and encounter Gigantomachia, who easily defeats them. They are suddenly transported to the facility of Dr. Daruma Ujiko, a close-aide of All For One. Convinced by the doctor, Tomura goes back to continue his effort to subdue Gigantomachia. One-and-a-half months pass, and the League suddenly receives a call from the leader of the revitalized Meta Liberation Army. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the 20th episode of the 5th season. SPOILERS AHEAD.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 20 Recap

The episode begins in the present time, with Ujiko conducting brutal experiments on Tomura to bring out the full potential. The narrative then shifts back to 2 months earlier. Following All For One’s arrest, the League is in worse condition than it ever was. Kurogiri, who hasn’t been arrested at the time, tells Tomura about a special power that All For One Left for them. After finding Gigantomachia, they realize that he is the power that Kurogiri was referring to. But locating Gigantomachia is a completely different matter from taming him and making him do the League’s bidding. Seeing Tomura, Gigantomachia doesn’t hide his disappointment and declares his master’s successor as weak. Gigantomachia then proceeds to trounce the entire League.

Ujiko then begins speaking from a radio that Gigantomachia had around his neck. He reveals to Tomura and the others that Gigantomachia has incredible stamina and can sustain multiple Quirks. He also tells the League that All For One knew that there was a chance All Might would defeat him and left Gigantomachia for the League as a contingency plan.

Ujiko stops Gigantomachia on his tracks by broadcasting the recorded voice of One For All before transporting the League to his secret facility by using the similar black liquid that appeared during the Kamino Incident. Tomura already knows the doctor. The latter introduces himself to the rest of the League, coming up with the alias Daruma Ujiko on the spot.

If Gigantomachia was All For One’s muscle and bodyguard, then Ujiko was his scientist. Both of them were unquestioningly loyal toward All For One. However, like Gigantomachia, Ujiko seems to harbor doubts about Tomura. He even claims that the younger man is unworthy, and the only reason he brought Tomura and the rest of the League to his facility is that he has too much respect for All For One. Tomura is pragmatic. He realizes that for his plans to succeed, he needs both Ujiko and Gigantomachia to join him.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 20 Ending: Does Daruma Ujiko Join the League?

Yes, Ujiko joins the League and promises Tomura that he will help him with all his work, skills, and knowledge, just like he helped All For One before him. The audience is given a glimpse of Tomura’s childhood. He admits to Ujiko that he doesn’t remember anything about his life before meeting All For One. It is revealed that Tomura manifested a Quirk (Decay) that no one had ever seen before and inadvertently killed his family. The 14 disembodied hands that he wears as part of his costume actually belonged to his family members. After All For One took him in, the infamous supervillain became his master.

At the facility, Tomura tells Ujiko that he will give him heaven and hell if the latter joins him. Ujiko calls this a pipe dream but adds that a “villain” is someone who can transform nonsense into action. He reveals that he always planned to work for Tomura. All the insults Ujiko hurled at Tomura, and his team are his way of testing to see how far the current leader of the League has developed.

Ujiko tells Tomura and the others to keep developing till they reach their absolute limit. It is then that he will give them other Quirks. This is linked to what’s happening to Tomura at the current timeline. The Tomura of the present has already reached his peak, and hence, he is receiving other Quirks.

How Does Tomura Plan to Subdue Gigantomachia?

Although Ujiko promises Tomura his support, he tells him that the younger man still needs to tame Gigantomachia. While Ujiko is all about science and scheming, the only thing that Gigantomachia understands is power. So, in his eyes, Tomura is not worthy of his loyalty. Tomura subsequently spends the next one-and-a-half months battling Gigantomachia, losing each of the encounters but learning one thing or another from all of them.

So, when Re-Destro, the descendant of the original leader of the Meta Liberation Army, calls the League to inform them that he has captured Giran, a broker associated with the League, Tomura sees an opportunity. Re-Destro explains that the League needs to be eradicated because its popularity is hindering the growth of his own organization, even though the Liberation Army supposedly has over 100,000 members. He tells the League to come to Deika City in Aichi Prefecture within an hour to get Giran back. He threatens that if the League doesn’t, he will give their coordinates to the pro-heroes.

As his associates panic, Tomura realizes that he can use this sudden development to his advantage. During all his fights with Gigantomachia, he has discovered that the monster does get tired. He knows wherever he will go now, Gigantomachia will follow him. He intends to make more than 100,000 members of the Liberation Army fight Gigantomachia, and when the monster is tired enough, he will step in and defeat him. This way, he will be able to take care of two problems with one plan.

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