My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 18 Recap: Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki

In the eighteenth episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki,’ Deku finds himself within One for All all over again and has a long conversation with the previous users including Nana Shimura. He learns some shocking secrets about his inherited quirk and Nana even asks him if he could muster the courage to kill Tomura Shigaraki. Meanwhile, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist make a public appearance to address the allegations against them and the hero society at large. Following his meeting with the previous One for All users, Izuku makes an unexpected decision.

Deku Talk to Nana Shimura

While others are concerned about Izuku’s well-being, All Might suddenly get the sense that he is currently talking to the previous users of One for All. Yoichi Shigaraki reveals to Izuku that they used to need an opening to interfere with his action in the past. But following One for All rapid development and the consequent growth of previous users’ consciousness, those restrictions have now been lifted. While this is surprising, Izuku then learns something even more shocking that shakes him to the core. It turns out that he is the last user of All for One and the quirk will most probably not be passed down to another person.

Then Nana Shimura finally talks to Izuku and asks him if he has the strength and mental fortitude to kill Tomura. Although Izuku has concluded that he is crying for help deep down, the previous users feel that he is filled with only hatred and nothing else. Izuku surprisingly refuses to go so far and argues that the One for All must not be used to kill anyone. He wants to save Tomura even though it may seem illogical and risky. Yoichi listens patiently to Izuku’s perspective on the issue and agrees to give him all his support by helping him unleash the full potential of the All for One quirk.

How Do Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks Try to Win Public Trust? Does Endeavor Tell Best Jeanist and Hawks About One for All?

After meeting Endeavor, Hawks along with Best Jeanist goes to All Might to learn about the true nature of One for All. There they learn that Izuku is recovering well and is expected to regain consciousness in the near future. While All Might is never shown in the episode explaining the true nature of One for All to Best Jeanist and Hawks, the trio does hold a press conference soon afterward.

The events following their public appearance do appear to point to the possibility that Hawks and Best Jeanist now know the truth about Izuku’s powers. At the press conference, Endeavor publicly apologizes for his mistakes in the past and accepts that Toya Todorko a.k.a Dabi is actually his own son. Hawks also reveals that his father was a criminal and then confesses that he was wrong in trying to hide or run away from his past.

He then goes on to explain that he regrets Jin’s murder at his hand but argues that if he had not done that then situations may have gotten out of hand. In light of the present-day lawlessness and dwindling number of Pro-heroes, the trio reveals plans to create a temporary which will be heavily guarded so that people can find refuge until the deep-seated problems of the hero society are solved convincingly.

Does Deku Lose One for All? Why Does He Leave U.A. High?

Shortly after Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks’ press conference, Class 1-A students studying at U.A. High receive a letter from Midoriya who was supposed to be recovering in the hospital. He thanks all his classmates for their support and reveals that he actually inherited the One for All quirk from All Might before his retirement. Without going too much into the details of the powers he now possesses, he mentions that it has special properties because of which Shigaraki and All for One are coming after the quirk. He feels that staying at U.A. High will therefore put the lives of innocent students in danger, which he cannot allow at any cost.

Therefore, he has decided to leave U.A. High and stop meeting any of the students from the school. The honest confession leaves all of his classmates quite shocked and Uraraka can barely control her tears. In the final minutes of his meeting with the previous One for All users, Izuku is told that he will receive help from them to unleash his powers. So that insight combined with his letter to U.A. High students does show that he has not lost his powers. It remains to be seen how powerful Izuku is going to become once he will be able to use One for All to its fullest extent.

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