My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19 Recap: Full Power!

In the nineteenth episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘Full Power!!’ the Hero Society starts to collapse as villains run amok and the trust in heroes declines to an all-time low. When two students from Ketsubutsu Academy go to help some civilians, they are attacked by Muscular. Luckily, Izuku’s danger sense allows him to get to ground zero in no time and he saves Yo Shindo’s life.

Trust in Hero Society Declines

Ever since One for All was freed, he deliberately created circumstances that led to the downfall of the hero society. After Shigaraki’s escape and Daki’s revelations, the trust in the hero has already started declining. But when One for All freed more prisoners into society, it led to complete chaos, and several cities were destroyed. In all the chaos, heroes kept abdicating their responsibilities, so even students at the hero school had to get involved to share the growing workload.

Tatami and Yo Shindo from Ketsubutsu Academy High School were sent to convince people who were refusing to take shelter in their schools where security was provided for civilians. During their visit, the duo suddenly got an emergency call that they must run away as a violent criminal is coming in their direction. It turns out that this villain is none other than Muscular, who attacks Yo Shindo without wasting any time. Meanwhile, Tatami tries to convince the inflexible civilians to run away as the danger is too high.

Just when it seems that all hope is lost, Izuku arrives and saves Shindo from Muscular’s deadly grip before something bad happens. Muscular is ecstatic to see the young hero as he eagerly wants to fight him. But now that Izuku is far more powerful than he ever was, he easily manages to restrain the villain following a brief fight and hands him over to the police.

What is Deku’s Strategy to Counter Shigaraki & All for One? What Advice Does Gran Torino Give to Izuku?

When Izuku woke up, the doctor tells him that he is lucky that he did not sustain the kind of injuries that he had in the past. Thanks to that he did not get paralyzed and his current wounds are not that terrible. But the bad news is that the injuries he had in the past have gotten worse now and if he is not cautious then the situation will only get out of hand. After he leaves, Izuku’s mother asks All Might to explain everything, especially her son’s powers.

Once Deku signals that he is okay with it, All Might give a detailed account of the One for All quirk and why the villains are running after him. Naturally, Inko Midoriya shows concern about her son’s safety, so All Might tries to reassure her that he is going to be safe as long as he is in U.A. High. But suddenly Izuku declines to return to his school and explains that he can’t others in harm’s way. As soon as he is fit enough to move, he plans to look for Shigaraki and All for One before they can find him.

Attacking them first gives Izuku the advantage of surprising his adversaries and he can’t afford to just sit and wait for them so that they can fight at their own convenience. He then meets Gran Torino, who reveals how Shimura still cries in his dreams and then regrets the fact that he couldn’t kill Shigaraki when he had the chance. Gran Torino advises Izuku not to be too inflexible and even goes as far as saying that killing is a form of salvation in some cases.

Before Izuku leaves, Gran Torino tells him to settle the score with the League of Villains irrespective of the path he takes. By this time, Best Jeanist and other top heroes have already been informed about Deku’s decision and they feel that will certainly gain an advantage as long as All Might’s successor keeps moving. When he is later discharged from the hospital, Hawks, Best Jeanist, Endeavor, and All Might come to his side to help him embark on his perilous path ahead.

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