My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21 Recap: The Lovely Lady Nagant

In the twenty-first episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘The Lovely Lady Nagant,’ All for One sends Lady Nagant after Izuku so that All Might’s successor can be subdued and the resistance against the downfall of hero society can be brought to its knees. However, the villains fail to realize that Deku has unleashed the full potential of One for All. When Lady Nagant tries to use Kai Chisaki as a pawn in the battle, Izuku puts his own life on the line to save him, without hesitating for even one second.

Izuku Faces Lady Nagant

Just after realizing that Izuku will probably need his help, All Might get in his car and rushes to the location. But before he gets there, someone throws a bomb at this car and he barely manages to get out of harm’s way. Just when it becomes obvious that the villains want to isolate Izuku, All Might gets infuriated and tells them that he will go to any lengths to protect his successor.

Meanwhile, Izuku learns that Lady Nagant is the one who is targeting her. Although he tries to dodge the bullets, he could barely get out of harm’s way as some brush against his skin and injure him. While trying to figure out his movements, Deku realizes that One for All has given Lady Nagant his Air walk quirk, which has made her really deadly.

Is Lady Nagant Dead? Why Does She Hate the Hero Society?

While fighting Lady Nagant, Izuku asks her about her motivations to join the villains and oppose the heroes. She tells All Might’s successor that he only sees the hero society in a positive light as its dark side has been conveniently hidden from him. She recalls how she was tasked to commit heinous acts for the sake of the hero society. In one instance, she was told that two heroes had instigated commoners to commit crimes and later arrested them. The heroes did it just for the sake of bounty and the President of the Commission did not want the shameful facts of the crime to be known to the civilians.

At this point, Lady Nagant has had enough and she used her quirk to attack him. She has been affected by the harsh reality of the hero society until that point but this event just pushed her over the edge and made her more sympathetic to the cause of the villains. Izuku is shocked to hear the story and is even more surprised that Lady Nagant went as far as she did. When he tries to reason with her, she immediately argues back and calls her philosophy a result of delusional education. As Lady Nagant tries to shoot Izuku, he surprises her by dodging the bullet while still in the air. This shocks All for One’s pawn, who feels that she is justified in attacking the heroes.

Lady Nagant recalls how she had met Kai Chisaki aka Overhaul just before the mission. She has promised him that she will help the villain meet his boss on the condition that he helps to identify the target i.e., Izuku. But it turns out that she wants to use Kai as a bate and just when Izuku learns about Overhaul’s presence, she shoots directly in his direction. Lady Nagant expects Izuku to show hesitation. She knows that heroes can be broken morally and emotionally if someone dies because of their fault and that’s something she wants to do to Izuku. But to her surprise, Deku does not hesitate even for a moment and saves Overhaul with his impressive speed.

It turns out that All Might’s successor has used Darkships and Fa Jin quirks in combination to pull off something so extraordinary. Lady Nagant is impressed by his unbelievable resolve but before she could fully comprehend Izuku’s next move, he breaks her barrel with the Manchester smash. As she begins to plummet to the ground, Izuku tries to save her but it turns out that All for One has made arrangements for such a situation. In case she was going to turn against him, she would simply explode.

This is exactly what happens to her and Izuku barely manages to save her with Hawks’s help. They appeal to her to not give up so soon and despite her bad condition, she tells them where the heroes can find All for One. Lady Nagant has serious injuries but she does not die in the battle as Hawks talks about taking her to the hospital as soon as possible.

Does Deku Agree to Help Kai Chisaki? What Does He expect From him?

Moments after Deku’s fight with Lady Nagant comes to an end, Endeavor reunites with him and Hawks. He had just caught Kai Chisaki moments earlier and carries the criminal with him. Kai is completely helpless at this point and opens up about his desire to meet his boss. He confesses that he just wants to apologize to him at this point. Deku does not appear to feel bad for him and immediately asks him if he remembers what he has done to Ere. All Might’s successor agrees to help Kai on the condition that he apologizes to Ere for his crimes.

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