My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 22 Recap: Friend

In the twenty-two episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘Friend,’ Izuku and other pro heroes head to the location revealed by Lady Nagant where she was asked to deliver All Might’s successor by One for All. Unfortunately, One for All has already expected his arrival and has made arrangements for the same. Meanwhile, Deku’s friends at U.A. High decide that they cannot allow him to fight alone since he can potentially push himself to the limit and get crushed by One for All and his men.

Izuku and Pro Heroes Prepare to Confront Enemies

After Lady Nagant reveals where All for One had asked her to deliver Deku after his capture, All Might’s successor and other top heroes head directly to the location- hoping to find the villain there. Unfortunately, All for One had already expected this would happen and had a pre-recorded video message waiting for Deku. The villains warned Deku that he is now coming after him and is no longer interested in All Might, who has lost his powers.

Shortly after the video message ends, a huge explosion annihilates everything in the mansion and the heroes there barely manage to make an escape. After the attack, other top heroes gather to discuss the current state of the hero society and share their concerns. Since heroes are abdicating their responsibilities and resigning from their position one after another, the world is slowly descending into chaos and violence. Law and order are hard to maintain and civilians are having a hard time.

Then there is also the fear that All for One might publicly reveal the secret of One for All. Endeavor plans to mobilize everyone and isolate Deku in such a scenario, but the future at this point seems uncertain. Meanwhile, One for All’s video message appears to have deeply affected Izuku, who becomes decides to handle everything on his own. He even tells All Might not worry about him anymore and seems to be slipping into a very dark mindset that could potentially make him vulnerable and an easy target for One for All.

How Do Deku’s Friends From U.A High Plan to Help Him?

The pressure to fight for the greater good and One for All’s plan to come after him has put Deku in a spot and under a lot of pressure. The determination to save the world and protect everyone has isolated Deku to the point that he even pushed All Might away. After receiving his letter, his friends at U.A. High felt that they needed to be at his side. They started speculating about his plans and came to the conclusion that there is a high possibility that Deku is probably working with the top Pro Heroes along with his successor. This sounded like an accurate judgment since Hawks, Endeavor, and other pro heroes were not responding to any calls or messages.

Therefore, they sought principal Nezo’s help, who invited Endeavor to the school. That’s when Deku’s friend at U.A High found the opportunity to talk to hero no. 1. Shoto asks his father whether he allowed his friend to go on a mission with All Might. Endeavor’s silence was an answer for the students and even though Bakugo agreed that it might be the right move, he argued that very few understood Deku’s mindset. Bakugo was furious that Deku was allowed to cut himself off from his friends. Since he knows that he barely thinks about himself and is prepared to die for others, Bakugo knows that he will eventually push himself to his limits.

This could turn out to be a horrible mistake considering All for One is sending his men to capture Deku from time to time. While talking to Endeavor, the U.A. High students notice him with a GPS in hand and immediately steal it. Using that they manage to eventually track down Deku. Interestingly, just moments before they arrive, Izuku is attacked by the Tartarus escaped villain Dictator. The criminal uses his Despot quirk to control people around him to create a human shield, which makes it extremely difficult to use any form of a long-range attack.

To make matters worse, he is already exhausted at this point and when he is attacked by civilians under Dictator’s control, he really can’t fight back. This put him in a vulnerable state and luckily when Bakugo finds him, he wastes no time in attacking the villains to free his friend. He then calls all his friends for backup. Before coming to search for Deku, his friends at U.A High had already convinced principal Nezo to allow them to keep All Might’s successor at the school. Nezo even talked to Endeavor about it and manages to convince him as well. So, Bakugo and the rest of the U.A. High students now plan to take Deku back to the school with or without his consent.

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