My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 23 Recap: Deku vs. Class A

In the twenty-third episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘Deku vs. Class A,’ Izuku’s friends try to remind him how he has impacted their lives and asks him to return to U.A High. But no matter how much they try to reason with him, Deku continues to push them away. Eventually, Tenya and others manage to restrain him following Bakugo makes a heart-touching speech in which he apologizes for everything he has done in the past.

Izuku’s Friends Try to Change His Heart

After U.A. High students learn about Izuku’s location, they immediately assemble to talk to him. However, Deku has already made up his mind and refuses to listen to what they have to say. As he tries to run away, Koda is one of the first people to tell him that the principal has personally guaranteed everyone’s safety and wants him to return to school. As Izuku ignores him and tries to run away, Sero, Jiro, and others try to get a hold of him.

Eventually, Fumikage, Kirishima, Shoji, and Momo, manage to restrain him for a few seconds after which they talk to him briefly. However, their requests barely have any impact as Izuku manages to free himself and run away one more time. Later Minero gets quite close to him but Izuku is so annoyed by constant interruptions that he uses a significant amount of his energy to launch himself as fast as possible.

At this point, it seems that it is almost impossible to catch Izuku again but his friends do not give up. Thanks to their teamwork in which Bakugo and Shoto play a crucial role, Tenya manages to catch him one more time and reminds him of his advice that the heroes must have the quality of being nosy. As Ocacho deactivates her quirk, the two of them start falling to the ground, where Kirishima is prepared to catch them. Thanks to his help, they landly safely on the ground.

Does Izuku Return to U.A. High?

After Kirishima and others manage to safely land Izuku on the ground after restraining him, Bakugo finally gets his chance to talk to his old friend. He reminded Deku of the moment when he pushed him aside and got stabbed by Shigaraki. That’s when Bakugo told Izuku not to try to take the villain down all by himself. Just like the time when a quirkless Deku had saved his life, Bakugo also felt the same as his body moved on its own.

Bakugo then goes on to confess how he used to look down on All Might’s successor when the two of them were young. He would feel superior as he inherited a more powerful quirk while Deku was unfortunately quirkless. Although Deku always looked up to Bakugo and considered him a friend, Bakugo used to treat him poorly. He admits that he wanted to feel superior by denying him. But now he knows better and realizes that he was always the inferior one. Things also changed after the two of them entered U.A. High and every single day since then all Bakugo could see was Izuku’s strengths and his own weaknesses.

Bakugo apologizes to Izuku for everything that he has done over the years. He then goes on to praise his childhood friend for everything that he has done after inheriting One for All. But then mentions the fact that he is not infallible. In his present condition, it is obvious that Izuku cannot continue to fight against evil and Bakugo requests him to let him and others handle things when he cannot. He also mentions how they desperately need to save the civilians as well as their city which is going through one of the worst crises.

Izuku is shocked after listening to Bakugo’s humble and kind request. He is so tired at this point that he almost falls face first on the ground but luckily Bakugo catches him in time. Izuku’s U.A. High friends know that they have won and carry their friend back to school. The security arrangements are top-notch at the school but the civilians inside start protesting Izuku’s return knowing that All for One is after him. As Izuku is about to walk away one more time, Ochacho grabs his hand and tells him that she and the others won’t let him leave one more time.

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