My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 Recap: A young women’s declaration

In the twenty-fourth episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘A young women’s declaration,’ the evacuees start protesting against Deku’s return to U.A. High as they feel that their safety may get compromised in the process. Uraraka had promised Izuku that she and others won’t let her go back on his own this time, so she climbs to the tallest building and address the people. Her emotional appeal moves everyone to tears and things appear to shift drastically.

Deku Faces Opposition to His Return to U.A. High

As soon as Izuku walks inside U.A. High, he finds a crowd of protestors waiting for him. They are very vocal and tell the heroes that they won’t allow All Might’s successor to live with them as this could compromise their safety. But even before Izuku’s friends went looking for him, they approached the principal to learn about the safety measures taken by the school to ensure that the villains could not infiltrate.

The U.A. High Principal had proudly told them that the school has been actively purchasing state-of-the-art technology to ensure that everyone was safe. He then reveals something even more impressive. Not only was the U.A. High barrier an effective shield that could rival the security at Tartarus, it was also hiding a secret that very few people know. The premise inside the barrier was divided into grids, which had been made movable in case of an emergency. If the villains breached the barrier, each of these sections would simply go underground and become separate shelters.

Now, these shelters were part of a larger maglev network that also kept moving. Furthermore, there are 3,000 layers of reinforced plates underground for additional protection in case the shelters had to be moved through safe routes to other hero schools. In the present time, Best Jeanist talks to the crowd and tries to argue that Izuku’s safety is critical as he is a valuable asset to the heroes. Unfortunately, all his arguments just fall on deaf ears as the crowds only get more agitated.

Do the Evacuees Allow Deku to Stay At U.A. High?

After the evacuees continue to protest the return of Izuku to U.A High, Uraraka feels that she needs to make the people understand what her friend is going through. She climbs onto the tallest building with a mic and addresses the crowd bravely. Ochaco knows deep down that it is the common people who need to take a stand when a hero is suffering and this is exactly what she expects from the evacuees who have only cared about their own safety. She goes as far as alluding to Izuku’s One for All quirk to make the people understand that her friend needs to be protected since he is humanity’s only hope against All for One.

When Ocacho asks the crowd to have a look at Izuku’s condition, the evacuees finally notice that his clothes are shabby and he looks extremely exhausted. One of these people recalls how he had taken a stand for her when she was being chased by people who suspected her of being a villain. Instead of asking too much, all Uraraka asks from the crowd is to give Izuku enough time to rest and recover so that he can be more efficient in the battle against good and evil. Her emotional speech moves many including Izuku to tears.

As Izuku cries profusely on his knees, Kota and the women whom Deku has previously rescued, rush to his side to offer their support. The woman tells Izuku how everyone has turned her away following the collapse of hero society just because she is a heteromorph. When all hope was fading away for her and people literally chased her, it was Deku who came to rescue her. The emotional conversation between the three motivates another middle-aged gentleman to speak up, who argues that all they have left now is the heroes who continue to fight for them despite losing everything,

He goes on to argue that heroes like Deku need to recover and because of a lack of resources, they have no option but to bring them to the safest places in the country- which is U.A. High and other hero schools in the current situation. When one of the evacuees asks Deku whether he will ensure that things will go back to the way they were before, All Might’s successor assures everyone that he and other heroes will get the Hero society back. With U.A. High’s increased security and the evacuee’s consent, Deku is finally accepted back into his school where it all began.

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