My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In the twenty-fifth episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 titled ‘No Man Is an Island,’ All Might is heartbroken to realize how he has failed to protect Deku and his country as well. Just when he is about to break down, Stain the hero killer meets him and hands over a crucial piece of evidence from Tartarus after giving Deku’s mentor a pep talk. Meanwhile, Izuku is also relaxing after a long time and gets to meet all his friends. At the U.N., the heads of nations have a special meeting after All Might asks for their assistance to fight One for All. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 25. SPOILERS AHEAD!

My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Recap

After ensuring that Izuku is back where he belongs, his friends help him relax. Elsewhere, All Might is heartbroken after failing to protect Izuku even though he has promised his mother. Furthermore, the country he was supposed to protect was now on the verge of collapse and he had never felt so helpless ever in his life. Just when he is about to break down, Stain puts a sword to his neck. That’s when All Might realizes that he is not alone.

Instead of attacking All Might, Stain instead makes him believe in himself and awakens the spirit of heroism that lives in his heart. Interestingly, he also gives him a data disk that he had procured about a month ago. Meanwhile, Izuku feels horrible for treating All Might badly and is restless as he desperately wants to apologize. When his mentor eventually shows up at U.A. High, Deku is shocked that he himself apologizes back for not protecting him. After the emotional exchange, All Might leave as he plans to meet the other heroes.

After their thorough investigation, Hawks informs his friend Best Jeanist that Shigaraki will probably be ready within two months. He arrives at the conclusion after taking into account the testimony of the killers Deku captured, Doctor Kyudai Garaki’s interrogation and Central Hospital research dealing involving the Nomus. Since Tartarus was attacked about a month ago, the heroes have 1 month in their hands to prepare for the next attack.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Ending: What Intel Does Stain Share With All Might? How Much Time Will Shigaraki Take to Recover?

When Shigaraki broke into Tartarus to free All for One, Stain was one of the criminals there. He saw the chaos unfold right in front of his eyes and knew that he needed to extract as much information as he can since he was standing right at the epicenter of the terrorist attack. During his search, he actually came across one of the prison guards who was holding something in his hand as if his life depended on it.

Stain decided to steal it from him and eventually ended up handing it over to All Might. When All Might meet Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi, they discuss the data that was captured during the All for One’s Tartarus escape. Rejecting Sansa Tamakawa’s theory that the vestige within Tomura was synchronized with All for One and allowed free communication between the two, All Might reveals that the evil duo was talking to each other through the Radio Waves Quirks.

This was recorded in the data disk that Stain handed over to All Might. Once it was deciphered, the hero learned that All for One was talking about making Shigaraki complete in 38 days. If the evidence is to be believed, the findings of Central Hospital’s research must be rejected and the heroes must prepare for the worse as Tomura will be ready within the next 72 hours.

Who is Star and Stripe? What Are Her Powers?

As the situation at home continues to deteriorate, All Might ask for international support so that he is better prepared to fight against All for One and Shigaraki. Because of this urgent request, the heads of nations have an urgent meeting at the U.N. Unfortunately, some of the leaders are concerned that allowing their top heroes to go and fight in Japan will leave them in a vulnerable state, while others feel that the request does not provide them enough time to take cognizance of the situation and complete all paperwork. Meanwhile, All Might’s friends in different countries are already aware of their friend’s request and are eager to join him as soon as possible.

While others are still stuck because of paperwork or other considerations, Cathleen Bate a.k.a Star and Stripe has already left for Japan. The United States representative informs the U.N. about the same and also reveals that she did not wait for permission before she head out. Star and Stripe is not only the most powerful woman in the world but also the highest-ranking Pro Hero in the United States of America. All Might has had a profound effect on her life ever since he saved her when she was young. That event motivated her to become a Pro Hero just like her ideal, so it is understandable when she learned that All Might need help, she did not think twice before rushing to Japan.

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