My Lady Jane: Is Edward Ethian?

Image Credit: Jonathan Prime/Prime Video

In Prime Video’s ‘My Lady Jane,’ the world is divided between Ethians and Verities. While most people in the world are normal, aka Verity, there are some born with the power of changing into an animal form. Called Ethians, these people are labeled outcasts. They live on the fringes of society, are forced to resort to illegal and criminal activities to sustain themselves, and often get killed at sight, especially if found within the palace premises. It’s clear how dangerous it is to be Ethian in such times, which is why it would be even more scandalous if it were to be revealed that the monarch of the country is an Ethian as well. SPOILERS AHEAD

Edward’s Status as a Verity is Questioned by His Great-Grandmother

Usually, if one is an Ethian, they would discover it when they hit puberty. The waves of adolescence bring the mark of the Ethian gene with them, and when the preteen turns into animals, they know what fate has in store for them. But if one walks into adulthood without ever turning into an animal, then it’s confirmed that things are normal for them. For Edward, no transformation ever came, which is why he believes he is a Verity. But then, his great-grandmother reveals a shocking truth to him.

Image Credit: Jonathan Prime/Prime Video

The question is posed to Edward when he escapes his own palace following an attempt on his life. He is found by his great-grandmother, who reveals that she is an Ethian and believes that Edward is also an Ethian. When he counters that he should have transformed when he was a teenager, she explains it away by saying that they are a family of late bloomers. She is so adamant about having him transform that she is ready to try whatever it takes to get it done, but her failed attempts only convince Edward more about the fact that he is not going to transform.

With all the evidence we have so far, it is more likely that Edward is right and his great-grandma has it wrong. Being an Ethian herself, she has a strong desire to have an Ethian monarch on the throne. However, no matter what she wants, it doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t have the Ethian gene in his body. What further confirms it is the revelation of the final episode.

The Ethian in Edward’s Family is Someone Else

It is unclear how Edward’s great-grandma had the info about Edward being an Ethian, but the way she steadfastly believes in the idea shows that she may not be wrong. There is an Ethian in the family who holds the promise of becoming the first Ethian monarch of the country. That, however, isn’t necessarily Edward. According to history, the throne eventually went to Elizabeth, aka Bess. The show will more or less head towards the same destination, though it’s taking a different route. The revelation of Bess being an Ethian bolsters this theory.

Image Credit: Jonathan Prime/Prime Video

While Edward may be alive in ‘My Lady Jane,’ it doesn’t mean he can simply walk in and claim his place back, especially not with Mary on the throne. Moreover, the finale of Season 1 promises a bold new journey with very unexpected things in store for Edward. This points towards the possibility that he might lose interest in being the monarch, and when the time comes, he will pass on this responsibility to his half-sister, Elizabeth.

Considering that their great-grandma wants an Ethian on the throne, she will never back the anti-Ethian Mary. When Edward, too, is revealed to be a Verity and Elizabeth’s secret comes out, the great-grandma will be compelled to back Elizabeth’s claim on the throne. She will finally have what she wanted, though it won’t happen exactly how she hoped it would.

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