My Lady Jane: Is Elizabeth Ethian?

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Lady Jane Grey’s tragic fate goes down in history as one of the more unfair deaths, but what if things didn’t happen the way they did in reality? What if Lady Jane had a better streak of luck and fate had something else in store for her? Prime Video’s ‘My Lady Jane’ explores this possibility with a twist. Apart from sketching a parallel story where Jane didn’t go down the execution block and got beheaded merely days after she was put on the throne, the show adds a supernatural element in the form of Ethians, who can change into animals. What makes things even more interesting is the people who are Ethians but are hiding their identity. The final scene of the season reveals a key character’s truth and paves the path for further conflict in the story. SPOILERS AHEAD

Elizabeth’s Revelation Adds to Jane and Edward’s Pro-Ethian Cause

It was established early in the show that Ethians are the outcasts of English society, and the nobility is hell-bent on eradicating them, some more invested in the cause than others. There is a general hatred towards Ethians, which has led to them being banished from the kingdom, and whenever one is found, they face a rather terrible fate. Considering this, it makes sense that a person in court with so much at stake would prefer to keep the truth about being an Ethian a secret, especially if that person is in line as the heir to the throne.

Jonathan Prime/Image Credit: Prime Video

After Jane’s failed execution, we get a summary of what is happening at the court in her absence, and a twist, though not entirely surprising, is revealed. We see Elizabeth being run out of court by a maniacal Mary, and when she enters her room, she turns into a red fox. So, it is confirmed that she is an Ethian, and to prepare the audience for this, the show laid down a lot of hints throughout the season.

The biggest hint, to begin with, is the fact that Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, was known to have been an Ethian and was executed because of it. Considering how things have panned out so far, it is fair to say that the Ethian gene is passed through the parents, and it might even appear in those without an Ethian parent but with the Ethian DNA somewhere along the line. With Elizabeth’s mother being an Ethian, there was a good chance she would be one too. Moreover, because she knew what fate had befallen her mother for her Ethian nature, it makes sense that she took every precaution to keep her identity a secret. She knows how much Mary hates Ethians, and with Elizabeth being a contender for the throne, Mary would use this as a perfect excuse to get her out of the way.

Another thing that hinted at Elizabeth’s secret was the swiftness with which she accepted the Ethians around her. When Edward’s pet Petunia reveals herself to be an Ethian, Elizabeth doesn’t just accept her but befriends her to the point of saving her life at one point, even if it means she will be punished for it. She also becomes vocally pro-Ethian with each other, making concerted efforts to help the cause and even speaking up for Jane at her trial. But the revelation of her secret is more relevant than all this.

Elizabeth’s Ethian Nature Hints at Her True Fate in the Show

In real life, Elizabeth I became the Queen of England following the death of her sister, Mary, who served as the monarch for a short period of time. In the show, things are more complicated as Edward is still alive, and he has named Jane his heir, something that Elizabeth supports. While the show gives us an alternate version of history, it is safe to say that things will eventually turn out the way they did in real life. Elizabeth is bound to become the queen, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that Edward and Jane have to die for it. And a crucial scene in the show proves this theory.

When Edward almost dies, he is saved by his great-grandmother and brought to her convent, where she lives as a nun. She reveals herself to Edward as an Ethian and that with the gene in their family, Edward is bound to be an Ethian, too. When he counters that his Ethian nature should have shown by now, considering that it shows up when one reaches puberty, she counters that they are a family of late bloomers. The efforts that the great-grandma puts into Edward to turn him shows that she is desperate to have an Ethian sit on the throne. But what if she has been going wrong about it? What Edward is not the Ethian monarch she has been vying for? What if it’s Elizabeth?

So far, no one knows Elizabeth’s secret, but once Jane and Edward rally their forces to push Mary out of the palace, they will bring the great-grandmother into the fold. Moreover, when the grandma discovers that Elizabeth is the Ethian with the royal blood, she will push for her claim on the throne, even though Edward is still alive. There’s still a long way to go, so Edward might just die, or he might prefer to stay dead and live a different life, something that suits him better. Jane, too, might choose to give up the throne, considering that she never really wanted it to begin with. In that case, with Mary gone, Elizabeth remains the only logical choice, and with her pro-Ethian sentiments, which don’t border on hatred for Verities, she will be the queen that the realm needs and deserves.

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