My Life With the Walter Boys Ending: Why Does Jackie Leave?

Netflix’s YA drama series ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’ follows Jackie Howard, whose life takes a turn after a tragedy strikes. To start her new life with the Walter family, she moves to Colorado, and what should’ve been a simple, fresh start turns into something even more complicated as her romance with the two Walter boys develops. Apart from a lot of back and forth in her romantic life, Jackie also has some important decisions to make in her personal life. By the end of the season, everything gets so mixed up that she has no option but to take a step back and consider her situation from a distance. SPOILERS AHEAD

My Life With the Walter Boys Plot Synopsis

Jackie lived in New York with her loving family and was on track to Princeton. Her parents and older sister die in a tragic accident, and this completely flips the situation for her. According to her mother’s will, she is to be put under the care of her godmother, Katherine Walter, a vet who lives in Colorado with her husband and their many children. When Jackie arrives at the house, she is overwhelmed by the number of people around, most of whom are teenage boys, but Katherine and her husband, George, make sure that she is taken care of.

Jackie tries to find a stable system for herself by throwing herself into her studies and remaining focused on Princeton. Slowly, however, she finds herself in the middle of a sibling rivalry between Cole and Alex Walter. Cole is the elder brother, a popular jock who recently lost his chance at a football career following a leg injury. He is a womanizer and has turned reckless since he lost football. Alex, on the other hand, is the quiet type who is trying to come out of Cole’s shadow, not knowing that his brother doesn’t have it easy either.

My Life With the Walter Boys Ending: Why Does Jackie Go With Uncle Richard?

After the death of her parents, Jackie is left alone. She focuses on Princeton because that will not only secure her future, but it’s also the place where her father went to college, and by going there, she will connect to him. She doesn’t want anything that gets her eye off the goal, but it becomes difficult to do that in the Walter household, with the two Walter boys vying for her. During Thanksgiving, her Uncle Richard offers to file for her custody so that she could come back to New York with him and have the life she’d left behind. The idea excites her, but then she decides to stay with the Walters. But things weren’t so complicated then.

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Jackie is confused by her feelings for Cole and Alex. At first, she sees Cole as a flirtatious boy who is not serious about anything. He flirts with her, but Jackie knows that he is with Erin and is even cheating on her with her best friend, Olivia. If that wasn’t enough, Jackie discovers that Cole stole Alex’s girlfriend, Paige, following which there is a permanent distrust between him and Alex. Cole also has a lot on his plate and needs to figure out what he wants to do with his life. But then, he also cares about Jackie and is always there when she needs him. He understands her like no one else, and when she discovers that he fixed her sister’s broken teapot, she is forced to confront her own feelings for him.

Jackie and Cole kiss after Will and Hayley’s wedding, and it makes things worse because, at the moment, Jackie is in a relationship with Alex, who’d, the same evening, drunkenly admitted that he is in love with her. Jackie liked Alex, and it was easier to be with him because he didn’t have all the problematic things that Cole did. (For the most part, that is.) But her doubts start to surface when she discovers what happened with Paige and that Alex was in love with her, too. Moreover, Alex comes on too strong sometimes, and it makes Jackie uncomfortable.

In the end, when Jackie kisses Cole, she realizes she has repeated history for the brothers. After Paige, it took a lot of time for them to come to terms with each other, and just when it seemed like they could be normal again, she and Cole kiss. Her own feelings are already too much to handle for Jackie, on top of the grief she is still processing. She doesn’t want to stick around for the aftermath of the kiss and to have to deal with both Cole and Alex and give them an answer when she herself doesn’t know what she wants.

Will Jackie Come Back to Silver Falls?

In the final scene, Alex finds a goodbye note from Jackie, who is on a flight to New York with Uncle Richard. Does this mean she has left Silver Falls for good? We wouldn’t be so sure of that just yet. It was easier for Jackie to pick up her bags and leave with her uncle because it was summer, and there was no school. Instead of spending the entire summer at home with the Walter boys, she takes it as an opportunity to have some distance from them and figure out what she wants.

It’ll also be a good way for her to see what her life would be like with Richard. Her mother didn’t entrust her with Richard because when the will was made, Richard was still reckless and irresponsible. But that was more than a decade or so ago, and he has changed a lot. Or so he says. Before Jackie makes any final decisions about who she wants to live with, she could get a glimpse of what life would be like with her uncle. As much as she wants to leave Colorado, it’s possible that New York might not be what she expected. Once the summer ends, she will have to come back to the Walters and face the music.

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