Where is My Life With the Walter Boys Filmed?

Based on the acclaimed eponymous 2014 novel written by Ali Novak, Netflix’s ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’ is a coming-of-age romance drama series that chronicles the life of Jackie Howard, which is full of ups and downs. Having been born and brought up in the hustle and bustle culture of New York City, she loses her family in a tragic accident and becomes orphaned with nobody to turn to in the city. With her home and family ripped away from her, she is forced to move to a rural town and start over with her guardian and a family of ten boys, the Walters.

While Jackie tries to settle down at the ranch and her new school, she learns several life lessons about love, friendship, and hope, along the way. Created by Melanie Halsall, the teen show features impressive performances from a group of talented and young actors, including Nikki Rodriguez, Sarah Rafferty, Marc Blucas, Noah LaLonde, and Ashby Gentry. The story majorly unfolds in rural Colorado in some specific sites, including the ranch and the new high school, making the viewers wonder whether or not the show is filmed on location.

My Life With the Walter Boys Filming Locations

‘My Life With the Walter Boys’ is filmed in Alberta, especially in the Calgary metropolitan area. Principal photography for the debut season of the drama show got underway in April 2022, only to be temporarily rescheduled for a few days in June 2022, due to wet conditions. Finally, after about four months, the shooting was wrapped up in late August of the same year. So, allow us to take you through all the specific sites that served as production locations for the Netflix series!

Calgary Metropolitan Area, Alberta

A major chunk of ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’ is lensed in the Calgary metropolitan area AKA Calgary Region, a conglomeration of municipalities located in the southern part of Alberta. The center of the region — Calgary — is one of the primary production locations where many pivotal sequences of the teen drama series are shot. The show is filled with establishing shots of Calgary, which is the largest city in Alberta, giving you a glimpse of the skyline that consists of tall buildings and local landmarks, such as the Calgary Tower, the Olympic Plaza, the Calgary Central Library, SAIT Heritage Hall, and the Stephen Avenue.

In the early stages of the production of season 1, in April 2022, the production team set up camp in the town of Cochrane and taped a number of key portions. For instance, they made the most of the historic downtown of the town and Glenhill Drive to shoot many important sequences for ‘My Life With the Walter Boys.’ While a few exterior scenes are recorded in and around William Camdem Park at 207 Glenpatrick Drive, some interior parts are lensed in a couple of restaurants in the city — Texas Gate Bar & Grill at 304 1 Street West and Fence & Post at 214 1 Street West. The Glenbow neighborhood also served as a prominent filming site.

Surrounded by Rocky View County is a town called Crossfield in the Calgary Region which is yet another place that hosted the production of ‘My Life With the Walter Boys.’ Since it offers a little bit of everything while imparting a small-town feel, Crossfield has been gaining traction among all kinds of filmmakers. The students and staff at W.G. Murdoch High School at 1020 Mountain Avenue in Crossfield were hugely excited, as per the principal’s claims, because their classrooms, hallways, and favorite stomping grounds were turned into a film set for a while for the production of the teen series.

Furthermore, the cast and crew members of the Nikki Rodriguez starrer were spotted by several onlookers and passersby in and around the Pete Knight Memorial Arena parking lot at 920 Mountain Avenue in the town of Crossfield, during the shooting of the debut season. A couple of separate locations on Railway Street also make some appearances in different episodes of ‘My Life With the Walter Boys.’

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