My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Episode 5 Recap: How About You Give Us an Explanation

In ‘My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999’ episode 5 titled ‘How About You Give Us an Explanation,’ Yamada’s suspicion turns out to be accurate when he reaches Eita’s house and learns that Runa has made no plans for the day. It turns out that she has invited Akane to a location and has also shared the same with an in-game friend of her brother. Realizing that this could be dangerous for Akane’s safety, Yamada and his friends immediately head to the place to ensure that nothing bad happens.

Runa Puts Akane In Trouble

When is busy at his apartment, Yamada gets a call from Eita asking him to bring the manga he wanted when he comes to tutor Runa. Just as Akito has expected, there was no change in Runa’s schedule even though she had made plans with Akane. Elsewhere, Akane is sitting outside at a cafe with a man who thinks she is Rurihime despite being corrected many times. This Rurihime superfan rambles on about FOS and pays no attention to what Akane has to say.

Akane feels uncomfortable but cannot go away as she receives a text message from Runa who tells her to stay there and talk to one of her in-game friends. When Yamada gets to Eita’s home, his mother takes him to Runa’s room where she is waiting for his arrival. She sits down to study and Yamada inquires whether she had some other plans for the day. Runa lies but then her phone starts ringing and Akito notices from the corner of her eye that it is Akane.

Eventually, Runa admits that she stood Akane up but makes the excuse that she also invited an in-game friend from her brother’s account, so she will have someone to give her company. Since this obviously sounds dangerous, Yamada explains everything to Eita as soon as he returns home. Eita lies to Takezou that Akane is kidnapped and he rushes to his house so that they can drive together to the location to ensure that she is safe.

Do Akane And Runa Become Friends?

When Yamada and his friends finally get to the location in search of Akane, they are lucky enough to spot her very soon. Although at first sight, everything seems perfectly normal, Akito feels a bit apprehensive looking at Akane as he suspects that she is under duress. But before he could go and check up on her, Takezou rushes to the table and tells the Rurihime superfan that he is friends with a lawyer and threatens to take him to court. His bewilderment is understandable considering the fact that Eita has lied to him about her being kidnapped by a dangerous man.

Eita then explains to Akane that they were concerned about her. After Akito notices a bandage on her leg, he inquires how she got the injury. The Rurihime superfan is quick to tell him that it was actually his fault. When Akane did not come back from the lady’s room for quite some time, he got concerned for her well-being. He went to check on her and when she told him that she had stomach pain, he casually slid a tablet of painkillers under the door. This startled Akane and she ended up hitting her leg on the toilet behind her. Eita and Takezou scold the Rurihime superfan for not having the common sense to barge into the ladies’ room.

Meanwhile, Yamada and Akane start talking and the former apologizes to the latter. Akane is confused but Akito then explains that he should have told her before that he was tutoring Runa today. Instead of getting mad at Runa, Akane just brushes things off and accepts the reasons for her not showing up even though it’s obvious that she put her in a dangerous position which could have ended in a horrible way. Runa is observing Akane from a distance and just when she is about to walk away, Akane accidentally hits her injured leg again. She rushes to Akane to check up on her.

By this time, Eita has had enough and grabs Runa by her arm presumably to scold her for her inconsiderate and cruel actions. But Akane lies that her stomach is hurting and sends everyone to get painkillers for her. In the meantime, she talks to Runa who admits that she did everything because she dislikes her and wanted her to leave the guild. Instead of being mad, Akane continues to be kind to Runa and even asks her to play FOS with her. Her compassion melts Runa’s heart and she ends up apologizing for everything she has done.

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