My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Episode 7 Recap: You Want To Feel at Ease?

In ‘My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999’ episode 7 titled ‘You Want To Feel at Ease?’ Yamada goes for grocery shopping to avoid facing Akane after getting too close to her. Interestingly, one of the employees at the convenience store appears interested in Yamada and tries to get to know her. When Yamada returns to Akane’s apartment, he finds her and Runa sleeping. The following day, Akane gets a part-time job at a nearby conevenience store.

Yamada Helps Akane

After Akane gets too close to Yamada to check his eyes, he feels embarrassed but keeps his feelings to himself. He reassures her that he is fine and makes the excuse that he needs to go back and get some equipment that he forgot at his apartment. At the grocery store, a girl who works there talks to Yamada. She reveals that she graduated from his school and wants to get to know him.

Since Yamada is in a hurry, he tells her that he doesn’t have time. When he finally gets to Akane’s apartment she and Runa are taking a nap after lunch. Yamada’s food is on the table. In order to not disturb anyone, he decides to work quietly. At one point, he notices Akane sleeping and realizes that she has tied her hair now. For some reason, he decides to remove her hairpin. When she later wakes up, he hands it over to her confessing that he was the one who removed it in the first place.

Who is Tsubaki?

The following day at school, Yamada gets the attention of girls wherever he goes. However, he remains focused on his work at all times and rarely talks to anyone unless he is approached. While he is walking outside on the campus, one of the girls from the class tells him that his phone is ringing constantly and he should come to take it. When he finally gets there, he finds his phone placed over a handkerchief. His classmate whose name is later revealed to be Tsubaki tells Yamada that she used the handkerchief as the phone’s vibration was disturbing her and she was busy studying.

Yamada apologizes following which she tells him that she watched the livestream of the FOS game he played last night. She tells him that she was quite disappointed by his performance. Yamada tries to explain that the game was lagging as the server for yesterday’s match was overseas. Interestingly, Tsubaki sees this as an excuse and does not let him get away with it. That’s when Yamada receives a message from Eita informing him that they will go to Tousei Academy’s public culture festival.

While the episode does not tell viewers much about Tsubaki, it turns out that she is actually Yamada’s friend for a long time. That’s why they casually had a conversation about his gaming skill. She actually was with him in the cram school as well and got to know him first after playing an online FPS game together. She was so impressed by his skills that she refused to believe that he was not cheating.

When Tsubaki eventually brought this up with Yamada, he decided to prove to her that he was not cheating at all. She went to his house and Yamada played FOS right in front of her. Ever since then, the two have been friends. Tsubaki may seem cold and distant because of the way she talks with Yamada in the episode, but it turns out that she had been in love with him ever since they first met in person. The upcoming episodes are expected to shed more light on their friendship and will also show whether it will influence Yamada’s growing bond with Akane.

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